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ARCHIVE: Presenting the /tech 'blog

Sun. Jun 5th 2005, 10:02pm:

As I mentioned before, I realized that I need to separate my personal and my tech 'blogs; so here it is :) Hopefully I'll keep this interesting and not too monotonous.

The key aim of this 'blog is to help me organize my thoughts and ideas as I begin designing one of the most complex systems I've ever made - an ERP system at my day-time job. After months of exploration, it is still hard for me to pick one platform/system on which to design the ERP software mainly because of a number of requirements. Here's the Top 10 things that this system MUST do:

  1. Work on multiple OS's: Windows, Macs, Linux (someday)
  2. Print documents/reports easily - batch mode, with preview
  3. Connect with variety of hardware devices - barcode readers, fingerprint scanners, photo scanners etc.
  4. Have a fluid GUI and be extremely responsive.
  5. Initial deployment per client PC must take less than 10 minutes; updates less than 15 seconds.
  6. Cost per client must be minimal, $0 if possible.
  7. Highly scalable and easily updatable.
  8. Database must support clustering. So should the webserver.
  9. Not force me to stick to some particular version of the OS, DB, browser etc.
  10. And above all, make my life easier and prevent pre-mature hair loss, especially when I have to modify the database structure.
Oh and I made sure to use my new favorite font: Trebuchet MS. Before that, it used to be Georgia.