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ARCHIVE: Flashy JavaScript

Sat. Jun 11th 2005, 12:32am:

Looks like JavaScript is kinda coming back, at least among the developers. Thankfully, the flashiness it now provides actually has a use - designing web pages that behave like typical windows software. Check out some of the demos of Rico and JVE for ProtoType. If all of this ends up being used for spam then it's gonna suck. However, looks like developers can use some of the drag/drop code for useful things. Personally, I'd love to let my users be able to reorder a list of items in a packing slip or a product formula. All I gotta make sure is that it's not too complex for me to implement.

I don't mind writing complex code. I mind maintaining complex code. Today I know exactly how some shopping cart works and how the discount offers are calculated but after a year I'll probably have no clue what $commAggrSpecialCase was actually for. It's better that I keep things simple so that I can manage it in the future.