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ARCHIVE: PDFB Library - Barcodes in Dynamic PDFs

Sat. Oct 15th 2005, 04:14pm:

If you've ever wanted to generate PDFs on-the-fly on your server and wanted to do more than just plain text, PDFB Library just might be what you're looking for.

My newly released PDFB Library makes it very easy for even novice PHP programmers to generate high-quality dynamic PDF files. The library allows you to take any PDF file, then overlay text, images, and barcodes (Code 3 of 9, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, and UPC-A), and generate a new PDF dynamically.

On most servers it requires almost no configuration and as long as the PHP Image library is setup correctly, you're ready to go. PDFB Library has been tested to run on Linux and Windows servers without any problems.

Credits: The PDFB Library works by combining the following three awesome PHP libraries. Each of these libraries have their own licensing and copyright/copyleft schemes. For license and legal requirements, refer to the URLs below:

  1. FPDF by Olivier Plathey (current version: v1.53)
  2. FPDI by Jan Slabon (current version: v1.1)
  3. Barcode by Karim Mribti (current version: v0.0.8a)
Demo: To view a demo and start using the PDFB Library yourself, check out the PDFB Library page.