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ARCHIVE: Spam Bombed

Fri. Aug 4th 2006, 08:06am:

5,666 junk emails in five hours, before I turned off my mail server. Here's what it looks like: Spam Bombed. I need an external MX-based spam filtering company.

Basically the spammers are sending junk email pretending to be me. They used [random_names] as 'From' to send lots and lots of junk email around the world. Either the receiving servers accept the message or identify it as spam and bounce it back. If they accept it, their mail users will see a spam pretending to come from me. If they bounce it, then I get a copy of the spam attached to the email. No matter what, the spammers get to show their spam to someone. So either way the spammers win. Either way, I lose.

Of course this is distributed junk mailing too. So 100 computers around the world sent hundreds of junk mails in my name. And I get the honor of experiencing the thousands that bounce back.