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ARCHIVE: Top Seven Flash Animations of Ultimate Doom

Mon. Jan 1st 2007, 04:07pm:

We've all seen amazing Flash animations over the years. Here's looking back at seven that totally kicked ass. Yes, you have seen most of them. Yes, they are worth seeing again. And again.

  1. All your base - What Top Flash list would be complete without AYB?
  2. Xiao Xiao - A whole series of ass-kicking stick-figures
  3. End of the World - Hokay, we're definitely going to blow ourselves up
  4. Drop de Bomb - Daylight come and...
  5. Animator vs Animation - Stick-figure thinking outside the box
  6. People's Mario - Amazing quality and equally hilarious
  7. The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny - No, really. It is.