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ARCHIVE: Top Ten IT Google Videos

Sat. Dec 24th 2005, 10:30pm:

Google Video has really made it easy to share all sorts of videos online for free and without annoying 'buffering' delays. Here's my list of Top Ten funny/interesting/cool Google Videos I managed to find that relate to technology, computers, and general IT stuff:

  1. 121 Oak Street 121 Oak Street

    Spoof Ad starring Stripper Cops and Dear-Old Grandmas.

  2. Cat Herding Cat Herding

    Ad for EDS, highlighting the challenges they face.

  3. The Internet is for... The Internet is for...

    One of the funniest WoW movie with a very catchy song.

  4. Child Prodigy Child Prodigy

    Pretty cool AI-like ad by IBM.

  5. Original iPod Nano Original iPod Nano

    And you thought the Nano was new-technology.

  6. Video conferencing problems Video conferencing problems

    Funny blooper (and the boss kinda looks like Dick Cheney).

  7. The Sysadmin Song The Sysadmin Song

    Oh the plight of the underrated admins.

  8. I call it a 'going away present' I call it a 'going away present'

    One of the best frame-to-frame reenactments I've ever seen.

  9. Berkeley Professor scares laptop thief Berkeley Professor scares laptop thief

    Never steal a Computer Professor's laptop. Ever!

  10. Don't work so hard Don't work so hard

    Beware: This can happen to YOU!

I only picked videos that I hadn't seen before as most people, including myself, have seen popular ones like Leeroy Jenkins and Worst-Job over and over on other websites. If you want more videos, you can visit 13 Ton Gimp or just check out Google Videos yourself.