Magnet fishingSun, 16th Jun '24, 4:10 pm::

I woke up this morning to Juliet and the kids wishing me Happy Father's Day. It was gorgeous outside so I told her I'm gonna spend some time in the backyard by the pond. She excitedly asked me if I wanted to see my gift and I said sure! She gave me a box with a gigantic magnet and a long rope. Just last night we were watching a campy B-movie, Under Paris, where some kids were magnet fishing and I mentioned how strong some of those magnets are and that you can catch anything with it. Imagine my surprise to be handed magnet fishing gear not even 12 hours after that! She bought it weeks ago too.

I spent some time throwing the magnet in the backyard pond but didn't catching anything. I walked over to another pond and tried some more and to my horror, the magnet got detached from the rope and sank in the water mere inches from my feet. I tried to look for it with my hands but couldn't find it and felt pretty sad. Suddenly I remembered that Juliet said she got Naveen a magnet stick too! I asked him to bring it over and within a minute, I found my missing magnet!

So while technically, I didn't catch anything with my magnet-on-a-rope, I did catch my magnet-on-a-rope with Naveen's magnet-on-a-stick. I see this as an absolute win!

After we cleaned up, we had a little picnic breakfast at Boone Creek . The Brood XIII cicadas, largest group among all known broods, emerged a few weeks ago, and are loudly chirping all over our county. We have pretty much grown oblivious to their noise but whenever we share a video with anyone, they remark how loud the cicadas are in the background.

We watch Ultraman: Rising in the afternoon and Juliet's calling me right now to get dressed so we can go out to dinner. No idea where we're going but I'm psyched!

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