Sat, 30th Nov '02, 8:00 pm::

Congrats Chetan & Shradha, the new couple!!! I really wish I was there... I miss you guys...

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Fri, 29th Nov '02, 5:40 pm::

Congratulations to Nikita & Mehul!!! I miss you... Hope you have a great sleepless wedding night! *wink wink*

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Thu, 28th Nov '02, 7:45 pm::

It just hit me, I need more pics like above! Come on... all you fans of Chime.Tv! Send in your tummy pics! Hehe.

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Thu, 28th Nov '02, 7:40 am::

8 Crazy Nights is a funny movie :) Saw it with Rohan last night. Then had dinner @ his house with Kaushik Uncle :)

Now I have 4 days of staying in the home doing nothing. Well I'm gonna use this time to finally complete Ajooba. Let's see how dedicated I am. Hmm. And so the blog's pretty much on hold for 4 days. I don't have much to say anyway. I'll prolly just wake up, shower, program, eat, program, and sleep. Not a very interesting routine for non-programmers. But well if you're a programmer, I know you're jealous. Hehe. Oh and on a closing note, here's a fan of Chime.Tv :) Well actually it's my buddy Taylor's girlfriend Maureen. Hehe. She's pretty cute ;-)

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Wed, 27th Nov '02, 2:15 pm::

I'm almost done with my CS homework. Only one problem left, but it's pretty damn complex and involves baised coins. Ah the stuff I get to learn being a college student.

Anyways, I just bought tickets for two from for Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights! Gonna see it @ 5:40 pm show w/ my cuzin Rohan. And tonight I'm going to dinner @ his house, and meet my Kaushik Uncle. Haven't seen them all in a while. I still need directions to his house though. Hehe.

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Wed, 27th Nov '02, 11:20 am::

My 5-day vacation starts today! Yay! Well I'm mostly stuck @ home doing stuff for the next 5 days. Oh and it snowed a bit last night. Thank God not too much. No shovelling required :)

I have soooooo much stuff to do in the next 5 days, from homeworks, websites, to house cleaning and raking. And I also got a lot of work from my on-campus job to finish up before Monday. My only problem now wil be food, since till yesterday, I just ate on campus, and now I have to either prepare my own food, or go outside the house just to eat. All my friends are going to their homes to see their families. So I'm stuck being all alone. Oh well, at least I have stuff to keep me busy.

First on my list, Computer Science - Discrete Structures homework. Due on Tuesday.

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Tue, 26th Nov '02, 11:05 pm::

I miss those days when Chetan & Vishal used to call me up to see a new movie, 10 minutes after the show had already started and I was still in my pajamas. Yup, I miss those days.

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Tue, 26th Nov '02, 11:00 pm::

My new computer arrived! I've been installing all the stuff for 4 hours now! It's a LOT of work. But it's fun :)

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Tue, 26th Nov '02, 12:45 pm::

Oh my God! Anyone who knows me well enough, can clearly see that I suffer from 'leisure sickness'! I wonder if there's a cure...

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Tue, 26th Nov '02, 12:40 pm::

Woke up @ 10 this morning :) Well classes start @ 1:10 pm, so why should I wake up any earlier. Hehe. Then I called Chetan and talked to him for 24 minutes! Well 24 minutes cuz thatz how long the phone card lasts when calling Calcutta, India. Hehe. Damn I miss everyone @ Calcutta... esp. Chetan & Vishal. And here I am in the Livinston Computer Lab.

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Mon, 25th Nov '02, 8:15 pm::

And what a better way to ruin a perfectly great day, than by opening up your Term Bill for the next semester. Yup, I just checked the mail and for next semester, I gotta pay $6200 by Jan 2, 2003! OH MY GOD! The sky is falling! Hehe. Well I think I'll manage to get by (despite the new car expenses...)

Tonight, I work. New websites. And if I get bored, I'll do Physics homework.

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Mon, 25th Nov '02, 8:10 pm::

Just got home a few minutes ago. Had dinner w/ Michele tonight. Mmmmmmmm. I love my college's dining hall food. 95% of the student complain about it and keep saying how much it sucks, but I don't really care. As far as I am concerned, any place where I can get unlimited pies, pudding, jello, ice-creams, diet-coke, cold-pasta, great salad, and cakes, is heaven in my eyes! Plus it's free for me and cheap for them. Hehe. I'm sooooo stuffed right now that I can't even standup.

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Mon, 25th Nov '02, 2:35 pm::

Tonight I'm havin' dinner on campus with Michele, Angie, & Jen. I loooooooove college food and they're gonna slash me in the dining hall. It's pretty expensive if you don't live on campus ($8/meal) but if you got friends who will check you in as their guest, costs them pretty much nothing (I think). So ya, yummmmmmy college food in 3 hours from now :)

I got a class in 10 mins, so I better leave. And I really wish I didn't have such a bad headache right now. I am afraid my eyes have gone weaker and I prolly need to get them checked. Or maybe I just need a lot more sleep. I dunno.

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Mon, 25th Nov '02, 2:30 pm::

If I didn't have such a bad headache right now, today would probably be the best day of my life. I woke up kinda late (cuz of all the late phone chats last night), got dressed, went to work, collected my paycheck, and went to my Physics class. And guess what happened during the class? I got a call on my cell and a voicemail from the car salesman I talked to on Saturday. I quickly left the classroom and called him up and he said, "Congrats Chirag! Your lease was approved! You can come get your car anytime!" And I was speechless. I know I should've said something like 'Thanks', 'Wow' or 'OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!' But instead I think my exact words were 'YIPEOSR SPLOIERKASPW SODTRIDF PEROQJKGOR!!!!!!!' Hehe. DAAAAAMN!!!!!! My first car ever! With my own hard-earned money and on my own credit line, WITHOUT any co-applicants... I feel all proud of myself right now. Heh.

Ok so last night, I called up EVERYONE in India and talked to them for 30 mins! I soooooooo miss everyone :( On 24th my whole big family celebrated my grandpa-ma's 50th and my Paresh Uncle & Rita Aunty's 25th wedding anniversary! EVERYONE was there! Except me :( Oh well... it's not that bad. I guess I'm having fun here all alone... But I miss everyone! I really do.

So after the phone call, I got all weird and felt soooooo homesick. So I decided to call my friend Jacqueline. I called her up and we talked for TWO hours non-stop! I never talk more than 10 minutes to anyone normally, cuz I'd rather talk to them face-2-face instead. But she lives kinda far away. So only thing I can do is call her up in the middle of the night! Ah the pleasures of free long distance and unlimited nights/weekends on cellphones. And she's soooooo much fun to talk to and listen to. It's interesting, how both of us actually think along the same lines a lot of times. Hehe. Dammit! Why can't she go to Rutgers!

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Sun, 24th Nov '02, 9:00 am::

Here's a good article on Leasing a Car, instead of buying it on a loan. As it turns out, I'm a perfect candidate for leasing, since I am "a low-mileage driver who maintains cars in perfect condition, doesn't like tying up capital in down payments and doesn't mind never-ending car payments." Actually I do mind never-ending car payments, but then at $200 a month I can't complain... can I? I've been researching online all this morning and from the 20+ articles + public reviews I've read so far, it seems that though my car's final price ($16395) is kinda high even for a loaded Civic LX, for some reason, my lease amount is much lesser than what everyone else is paying. A friend of mine leases a Civic and she pays $228 a month for her 2000 EX model. Though EX is a better trim than LX, she doesn't have any of the upgrades. So I guess it's an even deal. I'm still not 100% convinced though. I have to research a LOT more till I'm satisfied that I'm getting absolutely the best deal possible :)

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Sun, 24th Nov '02, 1:30 am::

I had such a good day today. I woke up late, cleaned my room, bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, and then went to work. At 4 pm, my friend Vu came online and asked me if I was still shopping for a car. Instantly, we decided to go out and look for a good deal for myself. First we went to the local Hyundai dealer and checked out an Accent. But I wasn't impressed - it was clunky, made too much sound, and felt like I was driving a 1990 Tercel or something!

Next stop - Open Road Honda. We walked in and a salesman came upto us to help out. The coolest coincidence was that my buddy Vu knew his daughter! And then they started talking to each other in Vietnamese. And they even had the same lastname! So the salesman got all happy and started showing us all the best deals he could find. Finally I picked out a silver Honda Civic LX - 2002 model. It is fully loaded with power everything (steering, windows, doors, mirrors), metal alloy wheels, front-side-airbags, and an awesome 6-CD changer! I haggled over the price for a long time and we finally settled at a monthly payment of $200 for 36 months to lease the car (not buy). That is I pay $200 a month for 3 years and then give them the car back. Well I already pay around $100-120 a month on taxi, so $200 would not be hard at all, and in fact it will make my life sooo much easier and better!

So I put down a refundable reservation of $100 on the car and submitted all my credit-info. On Monday, the guy will let me know if I have been approved for the lease or not. And if I am, then once my uncle comes back from India, I can show him the car, and if he approves, I can just drive the car home :) And hopefully my monthly insurance costs will not rise a lot. I'm pretty excited about this whole car thing... Finally... after two and half years... you know...

Well so after the car-shopping with Vu, I went to Chichi's with Michele... mmmmmm Texas Nachos... I could not finish the whole thing and ended up bringing almost half the plate home in a package! Yay! Free food for tomorrow. Hehe. And Mich has been sooo nice lately... I'm glad I got a few good friends :)

Oh well, it's real late now and I gotta go to work tomorrow. So I should hit the sack right now. Good night world!

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Sat, 23rd Nov '02, 2:25 pm::

And the local time in India is... 12:55 am. Actually I just went to WalMart and bought myself a couple of 'important' things, like a new two-time zone watch (that tells me the time in US & India), a 12-pack of Diet Coke, and some good Energizer rechargable batteries.

On my way to work, I turned on radio to good ol' NJ 101.5fm and heard a wonderful old song by Billy Joel - Piano Man. Really good song.

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Fri, 22nd Nov '02, 1:10 pm::

Ellen has confessed! She was on Benedryl during the Switch Ad!

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Fri, 22nd Nov '02, 8:00 am::

It's been one whole week since I've been home alone! Still 10 more days to go... I can't wait for my family to come back...

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Thu, 21st Nov '02, 6:55 pm::

Woohoo! Bankim Chandra's Indian song - Vande Mataram has been voted as the 5th Greatest Song ever! *Proud to be an Indian*

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Thu, 21st Nov '02, 5:55 pm::

Had Calc4 exam today. It was ok. Nothing that great.

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Wed, 20th Nov '02, 9:20 pm::

Just downloaded six songs. Too tired to make the hyperlinks, but here they are: Madonna's Die Another Day, Missy Eliot's Work It, Sean Paul's Gimme the Light, Jon Bon Jovi's Everyday, Remy Zero's Smallville Soundtrack, Save Me, and the old classic by Suzanne Vega, Tom's Diner.

Got Calculus 4 exam tomorrow. Gonna study all night!

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Wed, 20th Nov '02, 11:00 am::

I'm slowly and slowly learning how to be creative. Yeah, I know you probably think I'm creative enuf already or whatever, but personally, I still consider myself more of a methodological programmer. I found this neat site that aptly teachs you how to have Fun with Fonts. Ya, I realized that my last sentence sounds quiet corny (and kinda gay), but hey if I wanna be in this profession, I gotta improve the quality of my work.

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Wed, 20th Nov '02, 10:00 am::

Due to public protests, I have to admit that I kinda got carried away in the above entry. The truth is, the iSwitch song is the 2nd best techno song in the world. The BEST one is, and will always be, Strong Bad Techno Mix from the SB Techno email.

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Wed, 20th Nov '02, 12:05 am::

Now the whole world already knows my love for Ellen Feiss. Someday I'll find her and marry her! Hehe. Well I just found the world's best techno song, performed by my lovely Ellen: iSwitch song.

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Tue, 19th Nov '02, 10:30 pm::

The boyz from Crazy Town have done it again - a smooth dance hit - Starry Eyed Surprise. That's my song for the day :) I loooooove it.

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Tue, 19th Nov '02, 6:45 pm::

One of the funniest 404 Page Not Found errors that I've ever seen. Oh and I've seen a lot of them.

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Tue, 19th Nov '02, 6:35 pm::

The alpha version of Windows Longhorn has been leaked! I'm not impressed. I was kinda impressed with XP, but Longhorn looks dull, boring, and offers me no reason to upgrade from my Win2k system. That's just my 2c.

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Tue, 19th Nov '02, 5:15 pm::

I wonder how many of these 10 grammar rules do I break every single day on my 'blog! Actually when I think about it, almost none. Though I often spell my words in their shorter chat-lingo forms, I make sure I never use its instead of it's and vice versa. Also I make sure not to confuse between their, there, and they're etc. Go see the 10 grammar rules and decide if you're among the people who would've used a 'your' in this sentence. Hehe.

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Tue, 19th Nov '02, 4:35 pm::

Just got home early. Didn't wanna attend the looooong economics class. Oh and cool stuffs. I chilled with Lisa (from Calc4) for a couple of hours. We went to McDonalds where I had my usual boring McSalad + Diet Coke while she had normal food, like normal humans. I wish I liked the fries and burgers etc. in McDonalds, but since I don't, the only thing I can eat there is the salads. Oh and I love Diet Coke. Everyone knows that :)

Ya so I was w/ her and we just talked and joked and scared the hell out of each other by discussing our Calc4 exam coming up on Thursday. She's a nice girl - one of my new best friends. Oh and hopefully she's takin' me to see Harry Potter II after our exam. I can't wait to get over with the damn exam. It just uses up all my time and brain. Hehe.

Anyways tonight, I have more studies to do. And still gotta complete the new websites that I've begun. So it'll be a busy night.

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Tue, 19th Nov '02, 9:00 am::

I worked on this site last night. Though right now it's 100% CSS, it's still not W3c compliant. Yup, you heard me right. There's actually a World Wide Web Consortium that creates and oversees the Web Standards. I am gonna try to make sure all my new sites comply with the standards.

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Mon, 18th Nov '02, 9:40 pm::

'Blog Dictionary: Someday I'll contribute a word in here too. Hehe. The cool word for the day is:

Blogathy- noun. When you just don't give a damn about posting in your blog that day.

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Mon, 18th Nov '02, 9:25 pm::

Since I have a lot of new web sites to design, I decided to finally get in line with the current trend and design all my new sites using CSS. CSS is a markup language for the modern browsers that enables the developer to seperate the content from style & structure. In other words, CSS is an addition to the HTML language (that is used to make web sites), and it greatly simplifies the design process. If used optimally, CSS eliminates the use of tables, ignores older browser-specific tags, and involves no messy javascripting. Everything is clean and efficient. These days a LOT of sites have stripped off their <table> tags and resorted to plain CSS. Also most experienced bloggers who use CSS, have very clean and simple designs :) 'Bloggers rawk!

Someday when I've time, I'll switch my 'blog over to CSS too. Actually I feel like it's the 'bloggin community that actually accelerated the spread of CSS - since being a 'blogger I can easily understand why separation of content from style is extremely useful. 'Blogs are ways to express oneself, and by every means, a way to display one's creativity and flair for good design. Not only do I want to write how I feel on my 'blog, but I also want to make sure it looks slick and clean. However, using existing HTML elements like tables, lists etc., it gets annoying to write a blog AND insert html tags everywhere to make sure it aligns perfectly with the overall page design. Once I'm switched over to CSS, I really wouldn't have to worry about design, since once set up, the design takes care of itself. Then all I'd have to do, is come in here everyday and type random stuff and hit 'Save' :)

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Mon, 18th Nov '02, 7:50 am::

For some weird reason, I slept real well tonight. I feel quite fresh, relaxed, and excited this morning. Let's hope my energy level soars this high all week, cuz I have lots of studies + work to do. And I have to start working on the FOUR new websites right away. Stuff like this takes a LOT of courage. Trust me...

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Sun, 17th Nov '02, 6:15 pm::

Quote for the day: "It's easy to lose yourself in Smallville..."

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Sun, 17th Nov '02, 10:15 am::

Woke up @ 8:50 this morning... all by myself! Doing my laundry right now. Also trying to do the Physics homework. It keeps getting harder and harder every week.

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Sat, 16th Nov '02, 8:30 pm::

I am guilty of not mustering up the courage to see 'A Beautiful Mind' before tonight. I just saw it; cried through most of the ending. The movie is about the life of Prof. John Nash, his struggles through schizophrenia, and his remarkable mind. While not everything in the movie is real, it truly shows how Prof. Nash, a brilliant mathematician and economist, fought with his own mind every single day for thirty years, to formulate some of the most promising and useful concepts of game theory. Here is one honest and succinct essay on Prof. John Nash, written by a Princeton U. student, where Prof. Nash teaches even today.

Quote for the day: "If you're going to develop exceptional ideas it requires a type of thinking that is not simply practical thinking." - Prof. John Nash

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Sat, 16th Nov '02, 9:30 am::

I am sooooooooooooo spinnin' right now! What a night. First pre-gaming @ Mich's apt, then off to her sorority to pre-game more, and finally to the Platinum club, right on George Street. The club was awesome, the DJ was good, and the crowd was wild. Damn I sound like an advertisement for the club. Hehe. But it was fun. LOTS of fun.

Back to real life now. I gotta go and work all day today, and study all night for the exams next week.

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Fri, 15th Nov '02, 5:30 pm::

I just got my Fark University sweatshirt!!! I feel soooooo awesome and powerful :)

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Fri, 15th Nov '02, 5:20 pm::

Just got home. Classes were ok today. Nothing great. After classes, had some important stuff to deal with @ home. After that, I chilled w/ the Mich & her friend Angie. I've been talkin to Angie online for over a month, but finally met her in real today. Ahhhhhh such a lovely girl. Well tonight, I go clubbin' w/ the chicas! Yay! Hehe. Tomorrow, I work all day. Oh well, it'll be cool, since I have to start this new hush-hush cool project that I can't really tell anyone about... hehe. Ok gotta get dressed and off to the partyyyyy!

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Thu, 14th Nov '02, 9:30 pm::

Ohhhh I got a haircut this morning... I'm back to my nice short 'n sharp haircut :)

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Thu, 14th Nov '02, 6:15 pm::

Here's four reasons why I will be really really busy in the next few months: Mind and Body Day Spa, Golden Tan Tanning Salons, Derm, and Total Tan. Yup, four big sites... all gotta be finished by Jan-Feb '03! Damn I'm gonna be one busy boy... But first... PARTYYYYYY! Well not tonight, but this weekend. I dunno with who or where, but I'm sure as hell not gonna sit @ home anymore. Also, major exams coming up next week, so I gotta study too. Ahhhhhh. Tonight, I rest. I'm all alone, no work, no obligations, no studies. Tomorrow I'll try to conquer Physics hell. Hehe.

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Thu, 14th Nov '02, 4:00 pm::

Happy Children's Day everyone! Though I'm 22, I don't care... I still feel like I'm a little baby anyway. I wish I was one of these 450 kids...

Song for the day: "Kabhi Nahin" - Adnan Sami & Amitabh Bachchan

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Thu, 14th Nov '02, 3:50 pm::

WOWWWWW!!!! I'm all alone now! I just dropped off my uncle, aunt, and cuzins @ Newark airport. I suddenly feel sooooo free and yet sooo alone...

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Wed, 13th Nov '02, 10:10 pm::

Finally some awesome pictures of sun spots :)

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Wed, 13th Nov '02, 3:25 pm::

Tue, 12th Nov '02, 1:05 am::

I don't remember when was the last time I said: "It's past my bed-time..." I'm studying for tomorrow's exam right now, since over 8 hours non-stop. Urghhhhhhhh. I'm very very nervous right now. It's a really big and important exam and I am not too sure of my capabilities in this class. I'm crossing my fingers and constantly studying... Sleep is a luxury, which I can't afford right now...

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Mon, 11th Nov '02, 7:05 pm::

I think I did really good in my Computer Architecture exam. I really really really need a good grade in that exam, since I messed up the first one quite bad. And now I study for tomorrow's CS Discrete Structures exam! Yay for the 2nd wave of mid-terms!

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Sun, 10th Nov '02, 5:55 pm::

Here's a little piece of advice for you all, from someone who's been through hell: When driving on a busy heavy-traffic highway, do NOT listen to George Carlin! I was laughing sooooooo hard that I almost hit 10 cars on my way home from college! I went to school to study for tomorrow's exam. Our Teaching Assistant is a really really nice guy and hopefully I'll do good in tomorrow's exam. *Fingers crossed*

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Sat, 9th Nov '02, 9:05 pm::

More interesting Google stuff - - type in two names and see who's the winner. I fought with my sister and I won! Hehehe...

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Sat, 9th Nov '02, 8:55 pm::

It just hit me that Google is made of two words: Go ogle!

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Sat, 9th Nov '02, 11:45 am::

I used to think that only I bought expensive stuff based primarily on the color (blue esp.), but looks like a lot of other ppl buy blue tech gear too.

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Sat, 9th Nov '02, 11:30 am::

Rutgers researchers make it to CNN, for their study on teenage marriages.

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Sat, 9th Nov '02, 11:20 am::

Back to my Saturday job on campus. Things are getting pretty busy in the house - everybody's packing for the vacation to India! I'm feeling like I'm gonna miss out soooooo much :(

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Fri, 8th Nov '02, 8:50 pm::

Best. Article. Ever. It's about The Simpsons :)

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Thu, 7th Nov '02, 11:55 pm::

Found this interesting new site: It tells you what Google thinks of any person, company, place etc. Pretty neat. Look what it says when I search for Chirag:

  • chirag is here
  • chirag is in search of a job
  • chirag is a currently a third year resident
  • chirag is the first field to produce crude from a production sharing agreement between azerbaijan and a bp
  • chirag is expected to increase to 17
  • chirag is a dynamic internet entrepreneur and a founding director of internet technology provider tradingparts
  • chirag is caught in a vicious cycle
  • chirag is still not convinced but shaken by the idea that mandira might be pretending to be pregnant

Even more interesting, are the results for poetic words like love, life, and beauty. It's like a long poem, written by an intelligent bot!

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Thu, 7th Nov '02, 6:55 pm::

I'm REALLY happy right now. I got my economics exam result - 44 out of 44 - the highest! I'm back baby ;-) Got 2 exams next week, and 2 exams the week after and lots of projects due soon. I think I'll do good now. I feel very encouraged.

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Wed, 6th Nov '02, 10:35 pm::

Some random guy went to my Chime.Tv site and decided that I needed to hire employees, and so he sent me a 4-line resume without asking. It's pretty interesting actually, since it looks like he's trying the computer field cuz he realized his english major is not worth a dime! Here's the resume:

Professional Profile:

  • In-demand Web developer/designer with proven ability to transform concepts into online, interactive reality.
  • Combine creative, artistic talent with Java mindset to deliver revenue enhancing, marketing oriented sites.
  • Savvy web developer and polished, persuasive designer with three years of experience.
  • Advanced Computer

What the hell does the last line mean anyway? He has an 'Advanced Computer' in his house? Or he is himself an 'Advanced Computer'? Maybe this email was actually sent by an artificial intelligence robot? Who knows...

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Wed, 6th Nov '02, 6:30 pm::

Sometimes I just don't want to talk... I mean, there's nothing wrong right now. Everything's fine. I just feel like being silent...

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Mon, 4th Nov '02, 11:25 pm::

Economics exam tomorrow. Me studying. Had a pretty good day today. Nothing out of the ordinary though. Big projects @ my work starting tomorrow.

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Sun, 3rd Nov '02, 3:45 pm::

Economics exam this week. Gotta go study...

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Happy B'Day 'BlogSun, 3rd Nov '02, 3:25 pm::

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, it's my pleasure to announce that it's been exactly 365 days since I've been bloggin', more or less every day. When I started the blog, I thought I would probably give up within the first few months, but over time I realized that it's not just a diary that I write when I have time... it's more... it's a reflection of my life, it's who I am, good - bad - ugly - I don't care; it's just me. I honestly thank all of you who take time to just lurk in here once in a while to get an update on how I'm doing. There are some who religiously read it, and guys, you're the best! Thanks for being there for me all the time (you know who you are.)

Over the course of one year, things went from good to bad to good to bad to good to bad to good... over and over again. At times, and trust me there were many, when I just felt like giving everything up and running away... but somehow I managed to just hang in (many times thanks to something u said, wrote, or did)... Of course, there were lots of highs... the times when I was extremely happy, unable to control myself, writing stuff that makes even me jealous of myself! Hehe.

So what has this one year of bloggin' taught me? I mean isn't everything supposed to teach you something overtime? Well I dunno what I've learnt. Maybe I learnt that life goes in cycles of ups-and-downs. Maybe I learnt that the most important thing in life is people, the ones around you and the ones who you wish were around you. Maybe I learnt that I shouldn't take life too seriously... after all, nothing's permanent. Maybe I learnt that I'm too bipolar and confused, to actually make sense of what goes around me. Maybe I learnt that I am a good hard-working person loved by many. I just don't know. Or maybe I learnt that not everything has to have a definite straight-forward lesson to teach you. Maybe things are just meant to happen, without us trying to make sense of them...

One year...just like the year before... just like the year before that... I don't think I've changed a lot. Sometimes I tried, sometimes I didn't... In the end, I'm still the same. Love me or hate me. I'm me. And since you're reading this, chances are, you love me for who I am. So thanks :) Have a great day.

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Sat, 2nd Nov '02, 4:15 pm::

Now for something totally random. Here's a picture from the original site of the Vatican Church: Oh my, the Pope is gonna get angry. Hehe. And I think I'm gonna Teehee...

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Sat, 2nd Nov '02, 3:25 pm::

Damn I just noticed, all the websites pertaining to Salt Lake City, Utah, are really really well-designed. Compare the Newark Airport website to SLC Airport and you'll realize what I mean. I wonder why this is so.

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Sat, 2nd Nov '02, 3:20 pm::

Oh baby! I'm going to Salt Lake City!!! I just bought a pretty expensive round-trip ($285 total) from! I'm sooooo excited. Can't wait for December 28th :) Actually, considering the fact that my trip is between Dec. 28, 2002 and Jan 5th 2003, the busiest holiday season, the tickets are quite cheap. I'm gonna go skiiiiiiiii!

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Fri, 1st Nov '02, 10:15 pm::

A new web-designer friend of mine just came back from watching the movie Bowling for Columbine and raved how much he's impressed by the movie. It's been a long time since someone said stuff like that to me. So I went through the sample film-clips, and trust me, I'm in a state of euphoria right now. I'd suggest everyone to see 'A Brief History of America' clip and if possible the other three short clips also. This movie is about violence and America, about the Columbine shootings, about the American love-affair with guns. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm gonna go see it soon. I really want to. Here's a review of the movie. Here's one more.

One thing that really touched me was a quote by Marilyn Manson, the infamous rock singer, hated by parents all over the country. Since the Columbine shooters listened to his music, he has been widely despised as the devil who spawned the killers. I must say that though I never knew much about the guy, his article in defense of his music genre, impresses me highly. I have'nt taken much interest in his music, but at least now I know that he's not a hopeless evil freak as a lot of people make him out to be.

Quote for the night: "I wouldn't say a single word to them. I would listen to what they have to say. And that's what no one did." - Marilyn Manson, on being asked by Michael Moore, director of Bowling for Columbine, as to what he would say to the kids at Columbine, right after the shootings.

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Fri, 1st Nov '02, 9:55 pm::

My new fav. site: Salt Lake City Airport. It's sooooo sweet.

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Fri, 1st Nov '02, 3:05 pm::

Oh and I also bought this hooded-sweatshirt for myself :) At $31 (incl. shipping), it's kinda expensive, but hey, it says Fark on it! So it's definitely worth every cent!

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Fri, 1st Nov '02, 3:00 pm::

I just bought this computer with some upgrades (XP1600+ CPU, 256mb RAM, 16xDVD etc.) for $395! I remember my dad purchased my first ever PC in 1995 (I think) for around $1500! This is the 4th computer in our house now. I'll set it up so that my cuz Sneh can use it and give her old PII Compaq Presario to my uncle, so that he can do all his business stuff from the den. Still gotta figure out how to connect this PC to my home LAN, since it'll be in a different room and I don't want wires hanging around the house.

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Fri, 1st Nov '02, 8:40 am::

Sweet November! It's Friday morning; inspiration time for me.

Last night I randomly surfed into Very Big Design and was quite impressed by the lady's portfolio. I talked to her on Aim and she's pretty cool. We may work on a site in the future, who knows.

Base Concept is an awesome flash site. And I like the interface of Super Here, though I'm not too impressed by the kid's portfolio - cuz none of it actually loads at the moment.

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