Thu, 31st Mar '05, 8:45 pm::

Anyways, Jessica has been awesome lately. She came over to my apartment at lunch so that she could take care of Giga! She was here all day. I took Giga to the hospital again so that the doctor could tie a new bandage on his foot. Turns out, last night after I brought him home, he shaked his foot off so hard the tiny bandage come off. Since I didn't want him biting his stitches, I tore off a new sock and tightened it around his foot using medical tape. It worked and he was ok for the day but stuff like that can lead to infections. So I went to the docs again.

Jessica bought some gauze and medical tape for him in case I need to bandage him in the middle of the night :) She rocks. Now Giga's being a good boy and is just resting near me. Tera's her usual playful self. Hopefully, Giga will recover over the weekend so that by the time I leave for India, I can give two healthy kitties to Linda.

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Thu, 31st Mar '05, 8:40 pm::

The other side of the news:

As I was coming home, I made a slight detour into the street where Terri's Hospice is. On the way in, I read about 20 signs that had pro-life messages like "God please forgive the murderers" etc. Well no surprise there. That's what we've been seeing on the news all week. I passed the crowd and found out it was a dead-end street and had to turn around. On the way out, I was surprised to see, 15-20 signs that supported removing the feeding tube. Many of them had messages like "Bill Maher was right" and "Thank God she passed away gracefully..." Gee I wonder why I've never seen any of these people on any news coverage? They were standing just a few feet away from the pro-feeding-tube folks but like a bastard child got no attention. What are the networks like CNN/Fox/MSNBC/ABC etc. trying to prove?

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Tue, 29th Mar '05, 11:20 pm::

I got Giga from the animal hospital. He's got a bandage now and keeps trying to shake it off. The doctor gave him sedatives, stitched his toe, and gave him anti-biotics. Hopefully that should be good enough. Gonna go on Tuesday again to verify that everything is alright. Need to make 100% sure that both kitties are in perfect health before I give them to Linda during my India vacation.

Anyways, looks like minor annoyances keep popping up. My left eye is itching very badly again. All day it was itching slightly but now it's hurting like hell. I put in the eye drops and hopefully it'll be ok soon but little stuff like this just make me go nuts. Oh well...

Things are good otherwise. Same old life. Work, kitties, sleep etc. Can't complain, especially since the weather here is gorgeous.

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Tue, 29th Mar '05, 9:25 pm::

Decent day at work today. Not a lot of printer problems thankfully. After work, took Giga and Tera to Petsmart Animal Clinic. The doctor wants me to bring him there again tomorrow so that she can sedate him and clean his wound. He's gonna be ok.

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Tue, 29th Mar '05, 7:35 am::

Giga seems to be walking around fine now. He was jumping all over my bed.

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Mon, 28th Mar '05, 11:00 pm::

Giga is walking and moving very slowly. Normally he jumps and runs around my apartment but tonight he's not even interested in walking up to me when I offer him kitty treats. He just sits in a corner and keeps licking his foot. I definitely have to take him to the vet tomorrow unless he's up and running in a few hours.

Tera's being a good sister as usual. She goes up to Giga and keeps licking his face and his foot every now and then. They're kinda like me and my sister - jumping and playing all day but really caring when one is in pain.

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Mon, 28th Mar '05, 9:40 pm::

I'm real worried right now. I got home and Giga's left toe on his left back foot was bleeding. His claw/nail was ripped off :( He keeps licking his foot. My baby's in real pain right now. If it doesn't improve by tomorrow I'm taking him to a vet.

Anyways, went shopping with Brian today. Got a lot of stuff for India. Had a decent weekend - watched TV with Jessica, went out to see Taylor's dad Gill and his band. Things are pretty good.

But Giga is crying right now so I'm gonna go take care of him. Even Tera is licking his foot.

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Thu, 24th Mar '05, 6:45 pm::

It has been a long time since I had an awfully bad day, so I guess it was about time. Today started like any other day - wake up, play with kitties, talk to my family in India (yes, I pretty much call them every morning now). But then things took a turn for the unexplainable. Having a tough/rough day at work (when computers/systems break down) is different from having a day filled with angst and bickering.

Of course, nothing beats a day without problems but if I have to choose between computer issues and human resource issues, I'd rather have my servers crash on me every month - because I know that I can fix and at worst, replace them. Can't do much about people except shrug and move on. But I don't really understand people sometimes. I'd like to think that I'm a very logical person and I guess that's why I fail to comprehend why people behave so irrationally. Who knows maybe in their eyes, I'm the irrational one whose actions just don't add up.

So after a long day at work, I get home and find out that my kitties have absolutely trashed my living room. They somehow managed to get to the kitchen drawer I keep paper towels in and strewed tiny bits of paper towel all over my carpet, sofa, chairs, and even under the coffee table. Took me 30 minutes to clean it all up.

But how can I blame my precious kitties? It's just paper after all and they didn't do any physical damage. They haven't damaged even ONE thing in my apartment ever! Every once in a while, they'll chew on bits of paper or aluminum foil but that's about it. They splash a little water out of their bowl but only because they're clumsy. They are absolutely the sweetest kitties in the world. I think it's time I gave them some nice kitty treats :)

*Sigh* Yes, today was what I'd consider a bad day until about 5 minutes ago when Tera jumped into my lap as I was typing this 'blog entry and started kneading 'n purring. Life is good. Once in a while, the equilibrium is disturbed by external forces but things balance out soon enough. Especially when the purr machines kick into action.

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Tue, 22nd Mar '05, 6:30 pm::

I missed my 'blog! Well it looks like the server has moved over and my 'blog seems to be working fine now on the new host. Been very busy with work lately. Life is good. The weather down here is beautiful :)

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Mon, 14th Mar '05, 10:10 pm::

It's funny that I am writing this 'blog entry even though I can't see it myself! I'm moving the '' domain from my old server to my new one and currently due to some DNS issue, I cannot access the new server from my browser. I'm entering this entry via the backend database. Kinda like getting into your own house via the bathroom window because you don't have the new keys. Hehe.

Anyways, I don't even feel like adding new 'blog entries till the site is transferred to the new server. Life's good but quite busy otherwise.

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Sat, 12th Mar '05, 10:10 pm::

Hmm.. Icky healthy food I have in my apartment or tasty unhealthy fast food from somewhere... ahhhhh decisions decisions! Actually the problem is that I'm too lazy to cook (read: heat) something and even lazier to actually drive out somewhere to get foood. I'll probably just sit and watch TV till it's time to go to bed...

Anyways, went to work today to setup a new software system. It's all done and hopefully we'll start using it soon. It's pretty cool to go to work on a weekend because everything just feels so different. It was very quiet and I got a lot of stuff done too. But then if I worked like this everyday, I'd get crazy from not having any human interaction. It's great to mingle with coworkers every weekday but once in a while, it's awesome to work without any distractions.

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Thu, 10th Mar '05, 8:45 am::

As I was driving to work, I called up everyone back home in Calcutta - mom, dad, sister, and after a long time, Kapadia uncle & Dhriti. Also talked to Mahendra uncle. They were all together at the Hindusthan Club for dinner. God knows what they keep celebrating every single day! Hehe. And Happy B'Day Paresh Uncle! Also called up Bombay and talked to my grandparents. Missing everyone soooooo much...

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Wed, 9th Mar '05, 11:45 pm::

Wow! The new Napster rocks! For months, they kept showing ads on tv about it and I thought it was just gonna be a crappy way to make money by charging too much for music. Tonight I gave it a shot and am absolutely hooked. For $10/month, I can listen and download any of the million or so songs - and that includes thousands of Indian songs, Comedy Central-type standup acts, and of course, every song I can think of! First two weeks are free and then the $10/month starts. I think the days of me looking for random music online are over. It's all soooo easy now! I think I can even burn CDs at no extra charge! God bless the new Napster :)

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Sat, 5th Mar '05, 11:40 pm::

Good weekend so far. Donated blood again, will donate blood platelets in two weeks again. Then went up to Tampa to chill with Jessica. Had lunch, chilled by the pool, had dinner and got back home to my kitties. So tired now.

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Thu, 3rd Mar '05, 6:50 pm::

Went to a pretty interesting seminar from work today. Tired right now. Been busy lately with work and stuff. Gonna watch some TV now :)

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