Wed, 27th Oct '10, 11:30 pm::

Home sweet home at last. I arrived home a few hours ago, safe and sound. I drove about 6,000 miles in the last two weeks, 2,500 of them since Monday. Zero tickets, no damage to my car or gear. I had a wonderful time driving back from Salt Lake City, Utah and am so glad to be home. My fingers hurt from holding on to the steering wheel for 15 hours today so I can't type much. I'll write more about the trip in the next few days. In nutshell, it was amazing and I can't wait to go on another one next year.

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Wed, 27th Oct '10, 6:35 am::

I'm 928 miles from home on the western border of Louisiana, driving for the rest of the day listening to Hindi music. It'll be the final stretch of my 6000 miles journey from St. Petersburg, Florida to Salt Lake City, Utah and back. Surprisingly, I'm still not tired and I do not mind the long drive one bit. We took over 4,000 pictures and I plan on going through them as soon as possible. I'll probably upload the best 200 or so into 5-6 different albums. Vacation is serious business.

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Tue, 19th Oct '10, 12:05 am::

We're camping in Holbrook, Arizona tonight after having driven through New Mexico over the past two days. I drove from St. Pete, Florida to Houston, Texas via Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. I've been taking pictures all the way and once Arthur and Chris met us up in El Paso, they took over the photography department. In New Mexico, we visited White Sands desert, Cibola National Forest, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Chaco Canyon. In Arizona, we visited Petrified Forest (part of Painted Desert) and will be going to Meteor Crater and Grand Canyon tomorrow.

We're taking so many pictures that I'm afraid it'll take me a week to just go through them. I'm certain I'll upload it all here as soon as possible. We have 3 more nights of camping before we get to Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm so excited that I can't sleep.

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Thu, 14th Oct '10, 2:55 am::

I'm off on my desert/canyon vacation trip with my buddies! Next top, Houston, TX. I'm so excited. I'll miss Juliet and all of our critters.

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Tue, 12th Oct '10, 11:40 am::

Googlebot is my friend. It reads everything I write. It checks my 'blog daily to see if I wrote anything new. It even reads my old writings and projects to see if I added anything. Then it shares everything I've ever done with the rest of the world. It introduces me to new people and is polite enough to not peek into things I want to keep hidden. Googlebot is my friend and I'm thankful for it.

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Fri, 8th Oct '10, 9:45 am::

I've been coding away at KType for the past few days and have a good idea of how the system will come together and work. I'm pretty excited. I'll be able to show something within a few weeks now. Today, I go shopping for my trip.

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Presenting Cakesy.comSun, 3rd Oct '10, 11:10 pm::

I'm turning 30 tomorrow. Instead of getting emotional about the event, I made a cute little website called that lets you write messages using fake-frosting on cakes. You can finally send a cake like this to your friends to tell them how you truly feel. My friend Tamara came up with the original idea for Cakesy and helped pick the different cake designs. She was also the inspiration behind the Team Maker app I wrote earlier this year. I don't know how she comes up with ideas that have such a high popularity to effort ratio.

Earlier today, Juliet and I went to play mini-golf with her family. We had a great time, had some yummy birthday dinner, and now we're watching Doctor Who on Netflix. Happy 30th to me in just under an hour :)

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