Sat, 3rd Nov '01, 10:00 pm::

Going to bed now (Ya I know it's EARLY !). Come back again for more... and in the meantime check out Chime.Tv and

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Sat, 3rd Nov '01, 9:00 pm::

Phew! Finally I'm done w/ designing and scripting for this 'blog... I hope to update this daily... Ahh... Wishful thinking...

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Presenting: The Chime 'BlogSat, 3rd Nov '01, 8:00 pm::

Presenting : Chime 'Blog : World's coolest simplest automated web-log !!! I always wanted to have my own blog, but I am too lazy to edit and upload a file everyday. So I finally got myself to write a neat CGI script that makes it easy for me to add/edit my blog whenever I want, wherever I want.

To edit any entry on this blog, I simply need to click on the 'Curved Arrow' on the right of any date and an Edit 'Blog window pops up. To add a new log, I click on the (+) icon on the bottom of every log page. Of course if I can click on these things, so can you! But well... do you have the 'Key' ? Muhahahaha...

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