Thu, 4th Aug '05, 9:05 pm::

I'm so unique even my diseases are exotic. I've been sick since Tuesday and last night I pretty much figured out what I had, based on my symptoms and Google. I woke up Wednesday morning with sore throat, extreme dizziness, mild fever, and rashes under my arms. All searches lead to Scarlet Fever aka Scarlatina - a contagious disease that in the 1800's and early 1900's killed sailors across the world's oceans. I went to the doctor and as soon as he saw my throat, rash, and inside my left ear, he said "Hmmm... looks like Scarlet Fever to me..." Good thing that today it's easily cured and has no long-term effects.

I feel quite crappy right now and considering the fact that it's hard to breath or walk around, I can't really do anything other than just sit and watch TV. And even that hurts after a while. The doctor told me to not come in contact with anyone for the next 48-72 hours and that means I get to sit home alone till Monday! NOT FUN! I can't even go out and walk on the beach because of red tide (algae). Wow my tropical beach paradise is sounding more and more like a nightmare.

Anyways, nothing to worry. I got scarlet fever (more like strep throat with a mild rash) from someone in public. Now that could be anyone I came in contact with in the last few days. Could be someone from Walmart or at the gas station... can't really tell. However, the best thing to do is not infect anyone else. So I'm gonna sit right here and get fatter :) Warm food makes me happy. Plus the kitties are being very playful and cuddly. So it's ok. I'm just mad at I can't go to my work because I have so much work to do :(

PS: I also have this Scarlett Fever :)

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Thu, 4th Aug '05, 8:00 pm::

Here's the Purvi & Allen Photo Gallery with pictures from their wedding in Salt Lake City, Utah last week :) I'll add more pictures to the gallery as I receive them from everyone in my family here.

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