graffiti - 2007.01.14: homosassa springs

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A lost-love lament



A lost-love lament

I lay here amongst crumbling ruins, writhing in wounds too costly to heal. Every breath reminds me of the stench of misery surrounding me but my heart is here no more. I think of him, seven years ago, when he asked for my hand. I was too proud to accept into my life someone so dull, a character so plain. The one I truly fancied had an air of boisterous confidence bubbling from a persona of earthly optimism. The life within me sought adventure not doldrums. And thus a foolhardy heart met its devil-may-care match. The rest they say, is history; catastrophe.

I saw him the other day - the one that got away. He looked at me but I couldn't bear his gaze. He was radiant with reason but I couldn't stomach his grace. He still might desire to elope with me but I am a shameless addict. I am bound, hooked, and incorrigible. Part of me is sickened by what I have become and part of me is outraged by nary a mention of my supposed weaknesses. Torn between my two selves, here I remain.

- Lady L.

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