SlashdottedMon, 26th Nov '01, 2:50 pm::

I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but will people STOP going to my site!!! Well actually the thing is, my new prog Glass2k, which I made last week, got mentioned in - The biggest computer discussion site in the world!!!

As a result, over half a million people came to my Chime.Tv site within a duration of 5-6 hours. This resulted in the crashing of my servers, excessive bandwidth usage, and shutdown of my main site. Not a pretty thing if you ask me. Well believe it or not, I GOT SLASH-DOTTED! You may not know a lot about, but believe me, getting mentioned on front page of Slashdot is probably the biggest honor a computer professional can achieve (except a million $ in raw cash). Haha.

Oh and my Dad is now the most famous Dad on the Internet! LOL. You see his pic was in there in the screenshot for Glass2k and I'm sure over a million people have already seen this pic.

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