Sat, 31st Aug '02, 10:30 pm::

Sat, 31st Aug '02, 9:40 pm::

Guess who just went to Thomas Sweets for a nice dessert???? Me!!!! I found the address of the place online and went there with my cuzins. I had a nice double-scoop of chocolate chip + cinnamon orea w/ two toppings! Mmmmmm. I couldn't finish the whole thing actually, had to leave about two-three spoonfuls :( But it was sooooo good. I think I'm addicted to the place. *must control my sweet tooth*

Song for the night: No such thing - John Mayer

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Sat, 31st Aug '02, 12:55 pm::

It's sooooooo beautiful out today! @ 10, I dropped off Sagar @ the regular haircut place (not the mexican one) and went on a loooong driving spree :) I drove to all of the 3 Rutgers campuses on this side of the Raritan (College Av., Douglas 'n Cook) and to inside hidden streets I'd never been to. What a lovely day! Then had a sneak pizza slice @ Margarita and got back home. Oh and I worked out a bit too. In all, the perfect little Saturday morning. Now I go do some laundry. Ahhhhhh.

Oh and yesterday I had a fun day @ work. Thanks to Bruce 'n Tamara (the coolest ppl in RC IT) I got to see my new office. It's actually in the Busch Student Center, inside the Graduate Student Lounge. Call my cell before you decide to drop by, cuz my hours are not fixed yet. I'll prolly be in my office in between classes :) Damn I feel special. Oh and I also had a nice cup of ice-cream with Bruce 'n Tamara for lunch yesterday. God I love that little home-made ice-cream place. I actually drove down to the place this morning while driving randomly, but I couldn't find it!!!! Ahhhh the drawbacks of having a bad directional-memory! Well, next Friday I'll make sure I remember.

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Fri, 30th Aug '02, 10:50 am::

I've got a new dream LCD! Someone, PLEASE buy it for me. Hehehe. Well if the price falls below $500, I'll buy it instantly. But I dunno, I might buy it earlier. The thing is, my eyes hurt when looking @ my current CRT monitor. LCD's are really good for your eyes, so if you can afford them, even a small one, go ahead and buy. Oh and if you have a little change left, then buy me my dream LCD too :) Anyways, out of this bunch of e-shops I can buy the monitor from, this one looks the cheapest, because shipping & handling is free. So it'll be exactly $599 for the monitor. Hmmm. Makes you think...

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Fri, 30th Aug '02, 1:25 am::

It's too late, but I just had to finish my new poem. If you are on a dialup modem, then I guess it'll take you a looooong time to read it, but if you have a good fast connection, I'm sure it'll load quickly. I hope you like it. Check it out here: "Why?"

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Thu, 29th Aug '02, 6:40 pm::

So after a whole loooong summer, I met Vicky (from Calc 2/3) today. And guess what? I have Germany & Spain now! The newspapers I mean. My collection's slowly slowly growing. Me like that! Thanks a mil. Vicky!

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Thu, 29th Aug '02, 4:00 pm::

Construct Hardwired for Infiltration and Mandatory Exploration

That's a pretty spiffy acronym for me! Get one for yourself here.

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Thu, 29th Aug '02, 3:50 pm::

I don't ever use an umbrella, no matter HOW bad it's raining. Well here are 4 reasons why.

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Thu, 29th Aug '02, 3:45 pm::

Here's how to name your new company. So apparently Chime Softwares Ltd. was not a bad choice :) I feel good. Hehe.

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Thu, 29th Aug '02, 3:30 pm::

Oh my, my productivity is sooooo screwed now. I bought a account today. Now instead of seeing 20-30 news articles, websites, and fun links on everyday, I'll get to see 1000+ links! That's almost a new link per minute!

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Thu, 29th Aug '02, 1:25 pm::

Rainy days are here again!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

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Wed, 28th Aug '02, 9:15 pm::

Although it's kinda old, but this article does a pretty good job of explaining why it's hard to 'be cool' and 'stay cool' in today's world.

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Wed, 28th Aug '02, 11:30 am::

Here's a little tidbit of interesting Internet madness. There's this site run by this lady Karyn on how she blew up over $20,000 in debt because she bought all expensive clothes, shoes, and bags etc. So now being in $20k debt, she opened up a website to beg people for money, yes, e-begging! The interesting thing is, hundreds of losers already sent her thousands of dollars! Great. This proves that you don't have to be intelligent to be online. Hehe. In response to Save, Bob & Ben opened Don't Save Check out some pages from Karyn's site and see the parody in Bob & Ben's ripoff. And of course, how could the Internet survive without active participation from the canine species: Save Sheeba! So there you have it, a reckless dummy, two smartasses, and a real bitch. God bless the Internet!

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Wed, 28th Aug '02, 10:30 am::

It's finally getting a bit cooler here. So my spirit's up :) I just hope it doesn't get all hot again next week when college starts.

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Tue, 27th Aug '02, 9:00 am::

Back @ work. Gonna get some stuff done soon. Just talked to ppl here, they gonna gimme a new office that'll be closer to my classes once school starts (in a week actually). So all's well. No raise though :( Hehe.

Song for the day: Another One Bites the Dust - Queen.

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Mon, 26th Aug '02, 9:10 pm::

It's tooo hot out here. I have a big red nose, my sinus has become irritating, and I can't wait for winter already... urgh... But the good news is, my friends are all movin' in their dorms this weekend, so I get to see them all soon... yay!

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Mon, 26th Aug '02, 8:40 am::

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!! Can't believe ur already married for 23 years!!! Wow... I feel old! Hehehe.

Ok so I slept from 6pm to 7 am! Thatz 13 hours of sleep, and I am still soooooo sleepy right now. Urgh. I think my glasses, or lack thereof, is to blame. Hehe. Ok work time now.

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Sun, 25th Aug '02, 5:50 pm::

So there I walked into Walmart with 3 credit cards and a $10,500 credit line about an hour ago... I left the mega-store, with a $5.13 after shave - Adidas Dynamic. I think I might have finally learnt to put a cap on my spending sprees. LOL. Anyways, now that I'm back home with no energy to program/chat/goof-online, I'll prolly go out and water the plants. Oh, I can prolly take a few pics of the roses in our backyard! They've sprouted up real pretty.

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Sun, 25th Aug '02, 2:55 pm::

Ok so even though I'm practically blind right now, here are some of the lethally hazardous activities I already performed: I fixed myself some *a-la-guy* lunch (ummm peanut butter jelly sandwich), saw Little Nicky for the 4th time, and took a shower! Yay for the me! Hehe. And now I embark upon the most dangerous mission of all - driving away outta my house! I'll prolly goto Barnes & Nobles and see if I'm ready to spend more money on college books, and prolly to Walmart to just buy anything random (I need a decent after-shave lotion.) Well it'll be a fun fun day devoid of all forms of technology :) *sarcasm* Hehe. Well at least I'll still have my cell on me. If u need me, you know my # already :)

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Sun, 25th Aug '02, 11:55 am::

I just spent almost 40 mins crawling on all fours in our basement just like that Gollum character! Why? Cuz I just lost my *precious*... one tiny little screw from my glasses fell somewhere in the basement as I was walking down there to start my workout. So I started looking for it and I kept looking and looking, but I couldn't find it :( I'm soooo bad @ finding lost things. Now as I try to see the monitor without my glasses, it hurts me eyes :( It's a Sunday, and there's no place I can buy a tiny little screw for my glasses, meaning, no computer 'n TV for me today :( Damn damn damn... one little screw has screwed up my plans for today! Urghhhhhh...

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Sun, 25th Aug '02, 12:35 am::

Song for the day/night: Your House - Jimmy Eat World

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Sun, 25th Aug '02, 12:30 am::

So anyways, today I think I had the weirdest haircut in the world. Of course, the haircut was decent, but the whole experience wasn't. I woke up @ 9 and decided to go get a haircut, but when I went to this place I always go to, it turns out the guy's on a vacation and won't be back till next week. So either I wait till college starts to get a haircut (NO WAY!) or find another salon nearby. Now the problem is, there aren't any other decent (read CHEAP) salons in this area, so I figured, may be I'll go to New Brunswick (near my college) cuz they have lotsa small little salons etc. over there. So I just asked a random guy on the street if he knew any salons nearby and he told me to go to so-and-so street near this-and-that avenue. Fortunately it wasn't hard to find the salon. So I walked in and wrote my name on the waiting-list board. Here's what the board looked like:

  • Hector
  • Fernando
  • Jorje
  • Tony
  • Osibis
  • Pedro
  • Jose
  • Hector
  • Antonio
  • Jose
  • Chirag

Yup, that's right, I had encroached right into the midst of the mexican immigrant community. Fortunately, it was probably the nicest bunch of ppl I've met in weeks. Salsa was playin in the background and everyone was just joking around and laughing on this lovely Saturday morning. Every few minutes someone would shout out something loud and everyone laughed hard, EXCEPT me, cuz well, I don't understand Spanish - "No habla Espanol!" But it was a funny experience... here I was, a 100% thorough-bred Indian, right in the middle of 30-35 Mexicans, gettin' a nice cheap haircut listenin to some good hip-shakin music :) and I could see that EVERY person other than me was wondering what the hell was I doing there. Hehehe... Actually, I myself was wonderin what I was doing there... lol, till I realized, damn this is one of the cheapest haircuts I can get in the entire US of A! Dammit, I sooooo am going back there every few weeks again :)

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Sun, 25th Aug '02, 12:20 am::

Oh my God! I just saw the movie Simone w/ Mich. It's SUUUUUUCH a great movie!!! I mean yeah, it's not exactly the Godfather or Ben Hur, but damn it's a fun movie :) Me thoroughly loved it! Oh and I had some pizza too! 'Twas a good night... Thanx the Mich! Hehe.

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Sat, 24th Aug '02, 3:45 pm::

Whoa. I'm all tired now. Was praticing some dance moves for two hours for my cuz Sneh's sweet 16 party comin up next month :) I'm doin two dances w/ Sagar, and since the dances are supposed to be secret, I can't say anythin more ;-)

Yesterday was a pretty good day. At night, I saw the Lord of the Rings DVD again. Good movie. We're having a few family members 'n relatives over for an evening snack within an hour, so I better go down and start helpin out with the food preparations. Cya! Tonight I'll prolly stay @ home and work on Ajooba. Phew. It's been over a week since I touched the scary C code. Hehe.

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Thu, 22nd Aug '02, 11:00 pm::

Just read this really interesting article about the possibility of the world being a Matrix. Today's quote is kinda related to that.

Quote for the night: "Last night I dreamt I was a butterfly, but when I woke up, I thought I was a butterfly having a dream."

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I missThu, 22nd Aug '02, 8:55 am::

I am always scared of days like these. You know, the days that start perfectly great & lovely and then you suddenly get all sad cuz you miss someone really really really bad. Yeah, it's just one of those days... I miss my dad. Talked to him last night, but for only 2-3 mins. It's odd how both of us were out of words to say. I know he misses me a lot, but I also think he does not realize how much I miss him too. Just cuz my life's going good @ the moment, and I'm earnin' my own bread, doesn't mean that his little boy's grown up. Hehe. It's funny, all day I pretend to be all grown up, but as soon as I think of my dad, I turn 10.

So I was sittin' in the bus this morning on my way to work, and all I could think of, were 4523817 random sweet memories from the past two decades. It's funny how every incident flashes in front of your eyes and suddenly takes you right there, as if it just happened. I don't even know if anyone remembers this, but I remember looong ago when I was a weee little kid. I used to be the best cricket bat breaker! Yeah, I said breaker, cuz no matter how many bats my dad bought for me, I'd find some ingenious way to damage them! Everytime I broke a bat, I used to be soooooo scared. I don't even remember if my dad ever got mad @ me for breakin' bats. But I do remember that everytime I broke a bat, I'd get a new one within 2 days. Of course, eventually I realized cricket wasn't my cup of tea; I switched to soccer :)

I dunno why I thought of this while sittin' in the bus. I also dunno why I got all nostalgic about what was quite possibly the worst homecoming in the history of the world - my first vacation from my boarding school, around October 1990. I remember I got down from the train, I saw my dad right in front of me, and he could not recognize me! I had lost 10-15lbs in the past 3 months, became taller, darker, skinnier, and had got a military haircut, no wonder he couldn't recognize me. So I shouted, "Hi Daddy..." and it took him a few secs. to realize it was me actually! Hehe. I guess this morning I thought about this incident, because I was thinkin' about it just as I was gettin' down from my plane in Calcutta in June this year. Here I was, my 2nd big homecoming... from US to India after 2 years. And then it hit me, I had turned 10 again. As I was walking down the airport, I felt exactly like I felt 12 years ago... just one emotion... happiness, because I was back with my family again. And when I saw how many people had come to receive me @ the airport, I was shocked! 26 people!!! I felt sooooo loved.

Ok back to present. As I said, I'm scared of days like these. You know, the days that start perfectly great & lovely and then you suddenly get all sad cuz you miss someone really really really bad. Yeah, it's just one of those days... I miss my mom too... and my grandma & grandpa... and my sister...

Today is Rakshabandhan, and on this day in India, "an amulet known as a Raksha or Rakhi, is tied round the wrist of brothers by the sisters to protect them from evils during the coming year." I miss my lil sis... I wish I was there with her right now. And I have to tell her something: I know I was strict with you in Bombay and scolded you not to cry right before I left India. I'm sorry, but there's no way I can ever see tears in your eyes. I know it'd have been a lovely melodramatic and traditional soap-opera episode if you had cried and I had given you a hug and made you stop crying, but trust me, I'm not brave enuf to see you cry. Sorry. Better luck next life; maybe you'll get a mentally-stronger bro who's more emotionally stable :) Hehe.

Yeah so this is why I hate days like these. Days when everything is just perfect, and yet doesn't feel so. Days when the gravity increases ten-fold, and everything just feels so much more heavy. Days when you wish to talk to someone, but they're not there. Days when I end up writing looong 'blogs, because I have so much to share yet so little to say.

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Mon, 19th Aug '02, 9:20 am::

Feels like a year since I last 'blogged. Hehe. Well I had yet another lovely peaceful weekend. Basically I did some work around the house and just programmed in C non-stop :) It's a good language, just toooooo damn time-consuming. Ajooba's shaping up well, prolly a good working demo in 2-3 weeks (no promises though). Ok back to work.

Song for the day: "Pal Pal Dil Ke Pas" - Black Mail

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Sat, 17th Aug '02, 11:55 pm::

I think I like this new sport. Of course, I wouldn't be willing to play it, but I wish a lot more ppl did (esp. the ones I don't like) Hehe...

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Thu, 15th Aug '02, 8:30 pm::

Song for the day: "Yeh Desh Hai Veer Jawaano Ka" - sung by Md. Rafi; from the filmNaya Daur (listen to the song here).

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Thu, 15th Aug '02, 3:45 pm::

It's hard to believe all of these fully-functional webpages are under 5k! Yeah, 5 kilobytes only! That's the size of this small little picture or icon. Check out this, this, and this. They're pretty impressive considering the siize! If you like these, check out the 10 winners for 2002.

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Thu, 15th Aug '02, 2:45 pm::

"Why are you here?" - a question for the web-savvy.

According to this article, this 'blog that I write pretty much everyday, is unprofessional, amateurish, and basically on the lowest end of the writing spectrum! Hmm... I think I have the perfect message for the author - click here to see (beware). Hehehehehe :)

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Thu, 15th Aug '02, 2:40 pm::

Happy Independence Day to all Indians :) Here's a brief history of the Indian Independence.

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Wed, 14th Aug '02, 8:30 pm::

Somedays I get just sooooo tired I don't even feel like checking my mail. Today's one of those days. I'll prolly hit the sack soon. Hopefully tomorrow will be less hot.

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Wed, 14th Aug '02, 9:10 am::

A nice HOT day outside. I'd better stay indoors :) Hehe. Back to work :) I have LOTS of it.

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Tue, 13th Aug '02, 11:05 pm::

Song for the night: "Everyday" - Jon Bon Jovi

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Tue, 13th Aug '02, 9:45 pm::

I'm done with uploading lotsa new pics to my new photo gallery (pretty much). Back to coding Ajooba... :)

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Tue, 13th Aug '02, 9:00 pm::

Seems like I 'blog less and less everyday. I guess it's mostly because I am busy with a) My job on campus, b) Doing computer stuff @ home, c) Watering the plants around the house. I think c) takes the most time. Hehe. Anyways, things are going decent. I hate the weather - it's over 100F again! Thank God for ACs and fans!

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Mon, 12th Aug '02, 2:00 am::

Ahhhhh. It took me all of Saturday and Sunday, but well, here it is - presenting the Version 2 of Chime Photo Gallery :) This one's easier for me to maintain, and the pics can be of hi-res. In my older photo gallery, the pic size was kinda limited to 400x400 max. Now I can have really hi-quality digicam pics any day! Plus I can add captions to pics etc. too (although I dunno if I'll ever find the time to caption every pic!). Oh and now there can be hundreds of pics in every gallery. So I'll pretty much put up my whole digi pics collection sooner or later (once again, don't expect me to caption everything).

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Sun, 11th Aug '02, 3:35 pm::

Peaceful Sunday afternoon... here I am :) Well I'm workin' on something neat, actually just a newer version of one of my old sites. I'll put it there when I'm done.

Oh and hey Happy B'day to Vandana :) (see... I told you I'd remember!)

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Fri, 9th Aug '02, 11:55 pm::

Yet another long day. Woke up early @ like 6:30, worked till 5 pm, and then went to engagement ceremony of a family friend :) It was all good. Nothing exceptional. Two good things though - I got my first paycheck from my new job and then I got letter saying I had been awarded partial (like 10% of my tuition) merit scholarship this year. Not bad. I feel like I deserve a lot more, but oh well, I'm not gonna fret - A caval donato non si guarda in bocca .

Song for the night: "Crash and Burn" by Savage Garden. (thx to Vandu for makin me download it!)

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Wed, 7th Aug '02, 11:25 pm::

As I continue to work on my new project - Ajooba, in Dev C++, I realize what a big mistake I made the other day vowing to learn Win32 programming in C! Oh God! It's been over 16 hours in the past 3 days that I've spent behind this prog and so far all I could create is a window with a 3-item listview! It's yucky. Oh well, someday... this will be a lovely nice program that the whole world uses :) I realize in the past I have given up on a number of my pet projects, mainly because of time constraints or lack of interest. Not with Ajooba... This is my fav. and neatest little freeware so far. I mean I intend to give it my best. At the moment (after I decided that I don't really NEED a car) I have enuf time for myself everyday, like 2-3 hours a night. So I might as well do something that makes me happy and will eventually help a lot of people. I'm as it is getting 4-5 mails a day from people asking me to upgrade TrayPlay. Well, just wait ppl... (wait... like... 6 months? hehe)

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Wed, 7th Aug '02, 7:45 pm::

Happy B'day to my cuzin Jenisa and my frd Kathleen! Hehe. Actually last night I called both of them up right after 12:00! Haha. Funny thing is both were awake!

Anyways the weather channel says today is another lovely day :) Yay! Off to work now.

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Tue, 6th Aug '02, 8:35 pm::

Wow! Yet another perfectly lovely day :) The weather is soooo cool @ the moment - I loveeeeee it. Anyways, had a good day @ job. I'm workin on this website for my university and one of the neat features I made today is server-based dynamic PDF file generation and auto-email daemon for MS IIS. Hehe. Complex but interesting stuff.

Well then I came home and worked out for 40 mins or so and went to water the plants and lawn outside. I feel like fall's here... it's just soooo nice and cool. I hope it stays like this forever *unlikely*. And my aunt made such lovely baigan ka bharta! Normally I don't like baigan (eggplant) but oh my this was seriously good... I think baigan tastes the best when it does NOT taste like baigan. Hehe. And now here I am... just relaxing, listening to Chalak Chalak from Devdas.

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Mon, 5th Aug '02, 11:55 pm::

Here's a really good article explaining the dead giveaways of Voodoo science.

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Mon, 5th Aug '02, 9:10 pm::

Help me God in resisting this awful awful temptation! Damn it's only $500 now!!!! *must control myself... must control myself...*

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Mon, 5th Aug '02, 10:05 am::

Taking a 2 min break from 90 minutes of coding :) It's nice and cold in my office. I was just thinking about why I like my work so much. I think I know why - cuz it directly affects hundreds/thousands of people throughout my university. I'll soon make a system that'll automate the payroll login of all the student/faculty/staff all over the university. Right now it's done it paper. So just thinking that soooo many ppl will use something I made, makes me feel like my work is kinda 'important' and stuff. Hehe. Of course that's just one side of the story. The better part is the people I work with - it's a happy little family down here. Everyone who works in this office loves their job and that makes dealing with them even more easier. The ONLY bad thing about my job (and yes, there is ALWAYS a bad thing about everything) is that they make me go back home @ 4:30 pm! I need to work at least half an hour more, not because I'm a freaky workaholic, but because my bus doesn't come until 5:30! So I end up waiting like 30 mins @ the bus stop, rather than in my cool little office. Oh well... this'll all change when school starts and I get my office @ a dif. campus - nearer to my classes. Ok, back to work.

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Sun, 4th Aug '02, 11:55 pm::

I just made a decision. It's a big one for me, small for you - I'll now start programming my new progs in C. No more Visual Basic. I wanna be a REAL programmer now. It's about time... The only bad thing is development time: It'll now take me 3 times more long to code a similar app in C than would've taken in VB. But well I'm in no hurry and who knows, if I'm good, I might get almost as fast as VB in C.

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Sun, 4th Aug '02, 10:00 pm::

Remember Farkers: In Soviet Russia, the BLOG reads YOU!

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Sun, 4th Aug '02, 7:40 pm::

Ahhhh been on my pc all the afternoon :) Lotsa work done. I feel proud of myself. Hehe. Anyways went outside to help uncle/aunt in the backyard - damn too many trees and a hell lot of falling branches every day. I think with all the wood and sticks we just collected, we could burn a fire for the rest of the month! Dinner soon... back to work tomorrow :)

Hmm... just wondering... am I like the only person I know who is just so damn eager to go to work every single day even though the work has nothing to do with hot chics, modelling, sky-diving, free-food-eating-contests, or all-you-can-drink-bars? Weird. VERY weird. But still fun nonetheless.

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Sun, 4th Aug '02, 3:00 pm::

It's Sunday afternoon, though it's hot outside, the AC's on in the house and my lil fan is spinning @ speed 3, all the house chores are done, had good lunch, and now I have three to four peaceful hours of being online :) These are the moments I know I'll remember... umm uh umm... I think tomorrow and day after and the next day till next Sunday when I'm all relaxed again like this :)

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Sat, 3rd Aug '02, 9:35 pm::

Song for the day: "Hero" - Chad Kroeger

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Sat, 3rd Aug '02, 9:10 pm::

Either I'm going crazy or this thesis (pdf) written by some Indian guy from my university is simply wonderful. At times I wonder why I spend so much time reading long boring texts like these... I guess that's the way I was made... weird... lol.

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Sat, 3rd Aug '02, 6:25 pm::

I went swimming this afternoon w/ Sagar @ the local high school. It was relaxing - gee it's sooo hot these days can't believe it. My eyes kinda red right now from all the chlorine... I feel sleepy kinda.

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Sat, 3rd Aug '02, 2:35 am::

Anyways it's been quite a long time since I discussed how my life was going. Life is going pretty good actually. I love my work on campus and things going good @ home too. Actually my work stuff is getting more and more complicatd lately - and I like that. They're giving me more and more high-level internal stuff to work on - like this thing called Radius and Tacacs authentication, which is like the highest and best form of network security present today - and my job is to make a system that can interact with these high-performance servers etc. I know I'm not making much sense @ the moment, cuz I'm still learning this whole thing too, but boy... is it complex!!!

Oh so it rained today and that's good - cuz no watering the lawn tomorrow. That means I'll prolly get to sleep till 10-11 am :) Yay! Anyways it's 2:45 so I better go to bed.

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Sat, 3rd Aug '02, 2:30 am::

Yeah I know it's late night but I still have a lot of pictures from Chicago to download to my pc and resize/adjust. Here's a neat pic of Sneh, me, and Sagar from inside the John Hancock Tower:

Digicam Pic:
Sneh, Chirag & Sagar in John Hancock Tower - Chicago

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Fri, 2nd Aug '02, 9:55 pm::

I just saw Austin Power's 'Goldmember! Damn it was funny... Went to Regal's with my cuz Sneh :) We've got guest over our house @ the moment so have to go downstairs...

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Thu, 1st Aug '02, 8:50 pm::

And the day keeps getting better! Woohoo! I have a REAL cellphone now :) It's a decent Motorola 120t and the service is provided by Cingular. It's a $29.99/month package with 250 any-time minutes and 1000 nights/weekends. I can call any number in US at no extra charge - free long distance. Isn't that neat! Hehe. Anyways lotsa work to do tonight. Have to go now.

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Thu, 1st Aug '02, 12:35 pm::

Two good news. The computers I use @ my job are now connected to the Internet @ (hold you breath...) 1 GIGABIT bandwidth! Yeah! That means I can 'potentially' download at over 100MB/sec! However, since my pc is not a supercomputer, I am estimating download speeds of about 1 to 2 MB per second. That's not bad either. Right? Hehe.

The even gooder news is that my sis emailed me after a looong time. This morning when I got to work and opened my mail... Bam! There was an email from her :) Glad to know stuff's all well back home. Ahh.. home... where I went to bed @ 5 am and woke up at 6 pm... the BEST vacation I ever had!

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