Mon, 30th Sep '02, 1:55 pm::

Funny coincidence that I'm writing my 'blog exactly 12 hours after my last entry. Hehe.

Anyways, I keep saying all the time that I love my job and the ppl I work with, but never provide good enuf reasons. Here's one solid reason. This morning when I went to our College Avenue Business Office, the Dean of Business & IT - Ed, Business Admins - Tine and Elaine, and the coolest RC IT folks: Bruce and Tamara all got together and celebrated my and Elaine's birthday! Elaine's was last Saturday and mine is coming up on Friday, so they decided to throw a little breakfast party for both of us! Isn't that sooooooooo sweet and thoughtful? I had some tomato-cheese bagels and a nice big slice of chocolate cake! God I felt sooooooooooooooo happy and appreciated. Thanks a lot RC IT folks! You made my day (and prolly my whole week).

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Mon, 30th Sep '02, 1:55 am::

Just completed the updated of my Chime.Tv site. Phew. Lotsa hard work. Oh well, if you have a few minutes to spare, check out some of my websites. Me going to sleep now. Lots of studies tomorrow.

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Sun, 29th Sep '02, 7:30 pm::

I'm prolly gonna update some stuff on my main site and then play around with MySQL database more. I'm hoping to convert this blog's text backend into MySQL database soon. That'll make the site load faster and I'll prolly be able to make a nice search function for this site. When I think about it, a search function will be pretty neat actually - I can pretty much find hundreds of links I've put in my blog, along with the ability to show who I talked about when! Hehe. Let's see, I need more time to do this, but I'm gonna do it sooner or later.

Ah Ajooba is on a side track right now. Sorry, too intensive and time consuming.

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Sun, 29th Sep '02, 7:25 pm::

Oh my God! This is insane! I just realized that within the last 5 days I made 3 websites! Of course, two are just front pages with not much data, but the front page design normally is the toughest part. The latest site is actually a redesign of the original site for DSANJ. Check out the new version at The other two sites I made recently are and Damn I'm busy. Hehe.

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Sun, 29th Sep '02, 4:00 pm::

Working on some pretty cool 'n exciting stuff - MySQL databases - using PHP for webstuff and MySQL Front-end to setup the tables and queries. Ah nice complex stuff :)

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Sat, 28th Sep '02, 4:40 pm::

Loony Tim has too much time on his hands, but he uses it in a damn cool way! Check out his rollercoasters page. Damn, he does have toooooo much time.

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Sat, 28th Sep '02, 4:05 pm::

Ewwwwwwwwwwww! Why would ANYONE want to paint their teeth? Stupid morons.

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Sat, 28th Sep '02, 4:00 pm::

Oh my God! What tragedy: Blondes will be extinct in 200 years!

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Sat, 28th Sep '02, 9:35 am::

Quote for the day: "The more you practice, the luckier you get."

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Sat, 28th Sep '02, 4:35 am::

Just completed the front page of Enjoy A Tan website. Phew. Took me 10+ hours! All this is a lotta work. Oh well, at least ppl are giving me stuff to do. A random guy just called me today cuz he wants a really big website! I'm soooooooooooooo overworked! I think I should go and sleep right now. Have to go and work all day tomorrow. Gotta wake up in a couple of hours... urghhhhhhh...

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Fri, 27th Sep '02, 9:50 am::

Just did my physics webassign while sitting in the computer lab, instead of wasting my time online :-) I'm so proud of myself!

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Thu, 26th Sep '02, 3:15 pm::

Who said you can't buy happiness? I just did :)

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Thu, 26th Sep '02, 10:20 am::

You read this first here: The World's First Smiley! Oh and here's a list of every emoticon ever and a funny satire article on it.

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Thu, 26th Sep '02, 10:10 am::

Yet another lovely cloudy gloomy day! Yay! I love the cold breeze :) Anyways, gotta work hard today. Lotsa stuff to do.

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Wed, 25th Sep '02, 7:30 am::

Happy B'Day Dadaji (Grandpa)!!!

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Tue, 24th Sep '02, 10:25 pm::

I'm sooooo relaxed right now. No studies, no deadlines, no do-or-die work, no commitments. Nothing :) Calm and peace. Oh and I'm working on this new site: Pedals Footcare.

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Tue, 24th Sep '02, 9:30 am::

Just deposited lotsa money into my bank a/c via ATM :) Feeling all rich *for the moment* And also pretty stupid, because I don't know what the pin for my other ATM card is! That's just so damn dumb of me! If I knew the pin, I could've deposited this big fat check that I got and bought myself my dream LCD. Instead now I'll have to go through the hell that the banking system is, and try to figure out how to reset my ATM pin. Oh well, it won't be that bad either, cuz I've never ever used the other ATM card, meaning they'll prolly change/reset it for me instantly. Let's hope.

Got lotsa classes today and after that designing a new site, actually 3 new sites this week. So life's good. School's ok, not tooooo much studies @ the moment. Just gotta remember when to do the web homework etc. Nuttin else.

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Mon, 23rd Sep '02, 7:35 am::

What a lovely day! It's cloudy and rainy and cold :)

Song for the day: "Gori Nal Ishq" - Bally Sagoo

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Sun, 22nd Sep '02, 4:50 pm::

Woooohoooo! Had soooooooo much fun last night! Can't believe it. I'm soooooo tired right now. I'll write in great detail about Sneh's Sweet 16 Party soon (hopefully). VERY tired right now. Everything was purrrrfect :)

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Sat, 21st Sep '02, 4:05 pm::

Tonight is Sneh's Sweet Sixteen Party! All preparations have been made. We'll all soon get ready :) Tomorrow I'll prolly write a nice long detailed 'blog about the whole evening. Tata for now! (And wish me luck, I'm dancing tonight! Twice!)

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Fri, 20th Sep '02, 7:55 am::

Happy Birthday to my sweet lil cuzin Sneh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thu, 19th Sep '02, 11:35 pm::

Thu, 19th Sep '02, 10:00 pm::

Ahhhh. My nose hurts.

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Thu, 19th Sep '02, 9:50 pm::

I forgot to mention this incident in my Differential Equations (Calc4) class today. I think I am now the luckiest guy in the world. First I was 15 minutes late for the class and thought that I might miss the quiz (test). Turns out, the Prof. was late too and so I didn't miss anything. There was only one question that we had to solve, and even though I was the last one to start the quiz, I finished it the first and handed it in to the Prof. Well stupid little me solved the whole problem for the positive value, instead of the negative value that the Prof. had asked for! And I realized this only after I handed in my quiz! So I thought, damn I'm gonna get a zero now. I went to the Prof. and told him that instead of the negative parameters, I had used positives everywhere. He said, "Sorry. I can't help you." For the next 10 minutes (while everyone else was finishing the quiz) I felt really really stupid. When everyone was done with their quiz, the Prof. started to solve the problem on the board. Turns out, after 3 steps, he got stuck, because the problem was impossible to solve with a negative sign! Meaning, it was his oversight that he asked everyone to solve it using the negative - he should've told everyone to use positive values. So he said, 'Sorry. I'll be lenient in grading this quiz and won't cut points if you too got stuck at 3 steps. And you (pointing towards me), you get full points!" Damn I was sooooo happy! From almost getting a zero, I ended up getting 100% :)

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Thu, 19th Sep '02, 9:35 pm::

I have a BAD cold. My head hurts. Can't stay awake anymore. Gotta go rest. I'm 99% sure I got it from my cuzins, cuz both Sneh and Sagar had cough 'n cold last week. Now both of them are cured and I am sick :( Uh uhu... Reminds me of 3-4 yrs ago back in Calcutta, when my sister had 102-103F fever. My parents told me to take care of her while they went out. When they returned, my sister was watching TV and I was in bed with 105F fever! Scary stuff. Oh well, at least I'm not that sick right now.

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Wed, 18th Sep '02, 11:55 pm::

Scary News: Last month I found out that there's a big cavity in my left upper molar. So today I got the cavity cleaned and temporarily filled. Cost me $85 for a 3D X-ray and one filling! Urgh. Damn dentists are expensive. But the good thing is, the dentist is right next to our store, and she's really nice and actually charged me just 50% of what her usual rates are! So instead of $85, if I went to someone else, I'd have been charged $150-200. Of course, if I was in India, it would've cost a tenth of it. Oh well. Let's hope I don't have to get a root-canal. Urgh, icky stuff. The good thing is, I'm not in any pain or anything; fortunately I got this cavity patched up in time.

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Wed, 18th Sep '02, 12:10 pm::

I'm still looking for bigger 'n better LCD's. I think I have found a potential winner: Princeton Senergy 19". With a 1600x1200 resolution, and wonderful features, this one is a great buy according to TechTv. It'll be around $1,100 though. Damn I'm getting greedier and greedier. I began with a $500 lcd long ago and now I'm thinking in the thousands range. Ahhhhhhhh. Well I'll say this again then: It's for my eyes only.

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Wed, 18th Sep '02, 12:40 am::

I was searching online on how to implement a simple shopping cart to a website when I chanced upon this odd site.

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Tue, 17th Sep '02, 7:10 pm::

@ home finally. My grandma's sister is coming tonight! Her plane already landed and my uncle's gone to pick her up from Newark Airport. She'll be here soon :)

College is gettin' tougher. Tomorrow I have a meeting/presentation @ my work. Kinda imp. stuff. Then it's back to quizzes and classes. Ahhhhh.

And I'm gettin' my monitor soon. Maybe within 15 days. Maybe I'll choose a bigger 'n better monitor. Who knows!

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Tue, 17th Sep '02, 7:45 am::

I wanna go back to bed and sleep for 10 more hours. Instead I hafta go back to college and study/work for 10 more hours. :(

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Mon, 16th Sep '02, 2:25 pm::

If you ever have any long URL's, just use something like TinyURL. They instantly map a looooooong web address to something nice and short. Well since my sites are small enuf already, I don't need it, but there are a lot of places it can be used.

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Mon, 16th Sep '02, 2:15 pm::

CNN says that college students use Internet. And your point is?

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Sun, 15th Sep '02, 6:45 pm::

Oh my God! I feel soooooo happy right now. I just ate 3 dishes of cake!!! Last night @ Alpa aunty (our neighbor) gave me a whole big box of cake cuz she found out that I love cake. Well I just finished the whole box in one shot! I'm sooooooo stuffed. Ahhhhhhh. Cake makes me all happy. I don't need rest anymore. I need do burn all this fat :) I'll go down and workout soon I think.

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Sun, 15th Sep '02, 6:10 pm::

I'm tired today. I need rest.

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Sun, 15th Sep '02, 3:50 pm::

Had a GREAT time last night @ the neighbor's place. We're 5 Indian familes in our neighborhood and 2-3 times a month, we meet @ each other's house and just chill. It's a lotta fun. Last night after having lotsa cake @ one of our neighbor's place, we all came to our house and played cards :)

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Sat, 14th Sep '02, 4:55 pm::

LOTSA work done today! All non-stop! Damn I'm good. Hehe. Just kiddin'! Oh well, will soon leave for home now :) Thank God.

Song for the day: Flake by Jack Johnson

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Sat, 14th Sep '02, 11:00 am::

Breakfast @ Au Bon Pain:

In my office now. Workie all day... :) or :( ?

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Fri, 13th Sep '02, 9:10 pm::

Earlier, I forgot to write about the dream I had this morning. Ok hold your breath, but I dreamt that I was sleeping for 12 hours! YES, you heard it right! I dreamt in my sleep about MORE SLEEP! Oh my... things can't get any more scarier than this. Hehe. Anyways, things are pretty cool all around. My friend Manzinder dropped me @ my house from college in her cute Mitsubishi Eclipse.

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Fri, 13th Sep '02, 9:30 am::

Today's Friday the 13th! Who knew some people actually considered it lucky?

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Fri, 13th Sep '02, 9:10 am::

I have a new web-designer/finance-major buddy: Taylor, who runs a pretty neat site, blogs his way to hell, and features on his webcam @ midnights! Dude, that's like... ummm ME! Cuz I pretty much do the same things (I'm an CS/Econ major - close enough). Scary! But then as a hobby, I collect newspapers from different countries of the world, and Taylor collects random internet chics' tummy pics! So on the 'Whoa Awesomely Cool' scale, he beats me! Now that's something you can proudly show your grandkids some day! Hehe.

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Fri, 13th Sep '02, 8:55 am::

What a lovely cold morning. Brrrr. Hehe. I'm a winter freak. Can't wait for things to get even colder. Hehe. People will all wear 3 layers of clothing 'n gloves 'n jackets 'n ear muffs, while I'll prance around in my t-shirt and shoes :) You gotta love winter freaks... Hehe.

Oooh I got some great superfluous news: I'm back to a 9.0 in!

And a BIG shoutoutz to my sis Roshni... who's prolly soon goin on a nice vacation to Singapore & Pataya... I love you sis! And you know I mean it.

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Thu, 12th Sep '02, 3:35 pm::

It's hard to believe this, but New York Lottery Draws 9-1-1 on Sept. 11! Wow! I'm awed.

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Thu, 12th Sep '02, 10:30 am::

Was working non-stop since that last blog entry up there. I have to admit one thing: I LOVE MY WORK!!! Seriously, I could not have asked for a better job and nicer people to work with. And the work I have to do itself is great. It's not too easy (otherwise I would easily get bored and restless), it's not too hard (otherwise I would get frustrated and distracted), and it's not at all repetitious (otherwise I would get bored, restless, frustrated, AND distrated). Hehe. I do web and database design (in ASP, Html, Xml, MS Sql, VB etc.) and I LOVE IT! I like making new systems actually. Though I can't talk about the project I'm currently working on (due to confidentiality reasons), I have to admit, it's neat and though takes a lot of work and effort, is worth every minute that I spend behind it. Already many of the Rutgers staff have begun to use the system and soon many more will. Next week I have a lunch meeting with the Deans and their office administrators, where I'll demo the new system and teach everyone how to use it. I feel all *smart* and *important* and stuff right now. Hehe.

If you are a random surfer who just happened to chance upon my 'blog today, you'll probably think that my social life sucks and my work life is marvellous. I'm afraid, you'd be right... Oh well, it's not like my current hectic schedule is permanent. Once I move out, live on my own, and get a car, things will definitely be different (I can't say better or worse, but surely more interesting). That day's prolly a few years away; lets hope I get there safe and sound.

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Going crazy go nutsThu, 12th Sep '02, 9:00 am::

It's nice and cold outside. I love it! Got lotsa work this morning. Have soooooooo much studies 'n stuff to do tonight. Urgh. I need more time. A lot of times I think maybe it's not the time that's lacking, but rather my skills at managing it. Would have enuf time if I did things a little differently, a little more efficiently? Maybe... who knows! But I doubt that no matter what I do, nothing will save me more than 5-10 mins a day at max. Here's my schedule from Monday to Saturday: I wake up at 7 am (too early already), I leave the house by 8 am, my work/classes take up the rest of the day - till about 7:30 pm when I get back home. By 8 pm, I've had dinner and am ready to do stuff. Since I gotta wake up at 7 am next morning, I guess I have at max 4-5 hours (unless I decide to kill myself by staying up longer). During the 4-5 hours, I have to work on my websites, do my college homework, study for exams, help out my cousins with their homework and school projects, do some basic household chores, and reply to any personal emails that I get. I have already stopped responding to business emails or emails relating to my softwares (mostly tech-support); just can't handle it. I haven't worked on any beta softwares in a long time either.

So clearly there doesn't seem to be much I can do regarding my time between 8 pm and till I sleep. I can't wake up earlier in the mornings either. If I do wanna manage my time better, I guess I should use the 10-11 hours that I spend on campus more efficiently. Now on Mondays and Tuesdays, I have classes from 9am till 6 pm non-stop! Yikes! If I try hard enuf, may be I can squeeze in 30-40 mins of homework time somewhere, but that depends highly on where my college buses are. And plus if I have any errands to run (like posting a letter, going to the registrar etc.) then I actually end up being late for classes. Now on Wednesdays and Thursdays, I work till 1 pm and then have classes till 6 pm. On Fridays, I have classes till 1 pm and work till 6 pm. On Saturdays, I work full day from 8 till 6 pm. Thankfully, I take Sundays off! So in the end, I work around 20 hours a week and have 18 credit hours of classes. I am taking 6 classes by the way. If I want to graduate within 2 years, then I have to take at least 6-7 classes per semester.

I guess the only free time I have sometimes, is actually during work (like now!). But that's only because I'm waiting for input from my Dean regarding the project I am currently working on. In the end, it leaves me with just one day in the week with some free time: Sunday. I stay in bed till 8:30-9 am, freshen up, clean my room, clean my bathroom, shower and help out my aunt 'n cuzins doing household chores (most impoortantly laundry). In the afternoons I do get some quality time with myself, but in the evenings, it's mostly outside backyard work (raking leaves, lawn mowing, watering the pretty roses etc.) Of course, since I have 5 classes on Mondays, Sunday nights are spent either doing homework, or studying for exams & quizzes.

Now will someone PLEASE suggest me how I can actually have FUN in my life without drastically changing my current lifestyle? I'm in a pretty good mood at the moment, but with my work & studies increasing gradually, I don't think I'll be able to handle all this much longer without going crazy go nuts. I think I need to prepare myself for mania, depression, hysteria, dellusions, and hallucinations that will soon come on to me within the next few weeks. Oh well... everyone's life is hard and yet everyone's life goes on! I should stop being such a whiny little b*tch! Hehe.

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Wed, 11th Sep '02, 8:55 pm::

I miss Chetan and Vishal! I miss my buddy Arpan too. God I miss Calcutta...

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Wed, 11th Sep '02, 9:25 am::

What a stupid stupid stupid lawsuit! An epileptic fined over $5000 for making "contorted face" during seizure.

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Wed, 11th Sep '02, 9:20 am::

Did you hear the one about the guy who lived in the Simpsons' house?

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Wed, 11th Sep '02, 9:05 am::

Met my frd Steph in the bus to Busch. It was nice seeing her after a long time.

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Wed, 11th Sep '02, 9:00 am::

I have decided that I wish to pay my homage to the victims of Sept. 11 tragedy, and my respect to the heroes of the day, by not exploiting them, by not gloating over them, and by not patheticizing over them. Thanks.

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Tue, 10th Sep '02, 3:55 pm::

Here's an article in favor of those of us who collect something. By the way, I collect newspapers from around the world. So far I have newspapers from about 10 countries, and if you are from Europe, Africa, or South America, chances are I don't have a newspaper from your country. I'd appreciate it if you can contact me in that case. Thanks!

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Tue, 10th Sep '02, 3:50 pm::

@ the College Ave. computer lab right now. Yesterday was a such a busy day. I had classes from 9:50 am till 5:50 pm non-stop! Of course, there were 20 minute breaks in between, but well most of them were spent commuting from one class to the next. Came home late last night and did some important web design work. Still have a lot to do tonight. Studies are getting harder once again; time is on short supply. My cuzin Sneh's Sweet 16 party is coming soon too. So I have a lot of work piled up right now. Of course exams starting in 10 days. Urgh. Yup, life's back to normal!

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Sun, 8th Sep '02, 9:45 pm::

This is quite possibly the best designed newspaper site in the world. I love the colors, the navigation is smooth and VERY intuitive with beautiful use of javascript. Reading the articles is SO much more easier as they are all spaced out in three columns; no scrolling for long articles. Of course, if you like reading in one big column, you can instantly switch to one-column view. And I don't understand why no other major site thought of this before, but two small icons under every article allow you to make the font size bigger or smaller instantly. Hats off to the designers :)

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Sun, 8th Sep '02, 9:35 pm::

Sun, 8th Sep '02, 4:05 pm::

Just finished the homework for my Physics 203 class. This is one expensive class though. First the book is damn expensive, then every student has to pay $8.50 to use the online automated homework handin system: WebAssign, and on top of that everyone has to buy a Personal Response System (PRS) for in-class uses. But it's all pretty cool though. I mean I don't have to write anything anymore for my homework. I can just go online and type it in and it's automatically graded and I instantly know how good/bad I did. Plus I have 6 chances for each assignment, so even if I make an error, I can correct it in the next 5 tries. And the PRS's pretty cool too. It's just like the "I'd like to Ask-the-Audience" Lifeline from the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show. The teacher shows a question with 4 possible answers on a big screen and everyone picks the correct one using their PRS remotes. Of course, nobody makes any moolah (except the company that manufactures PRS), but well the ones who answered it correctly prolly get some good grades. Hehe. Here's a partial list of PRS users in US and around the world. Boy that's a long list.

Oh and by the way check out the insider facts about the Millionaire show. They say the Indian version of the show, hosted by the Amitabh Bachchan has broken all TV records nation-wide. Also interesting to note that in Russia, the contestants don't use the "Ask-the-Audience Lifeline" often because "the Russian studio audience tries to give contestants the wrong answers." Wow. Why am I not surprised! Haha.

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Sun, 8th Sep '02, 1:15 am::

You think you're clean 'n healthy? Click here to check whether you are infected with any viruses or not.

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Sat, 7th Sep '02, 9:00 pm::

I wish my... Tee Hee... I stole this pic from Jacqueline's diary, obviously without her prior permission :) I'm a thief. Catch me! Haha. Well Jackie, I think I'll just leave it at 'Tee Hee' and let you do the post-modernistic analysis.

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Sat, 7th Sep '02, 8:55 pm::

Yay!!!! I got my Strong Bad T-shirt in the mail today! Yay!

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Sat, 7th Sep '02, 7:35 pm::

Fall's here! I dunno if the leaves are falling or if the world's gonna turn golden 'n brown, but I do know that I can hardly breathe right now. Yeah, my nose's all blocked and my mouth feels sore - stuff that happens to my pretty much every fall/winter. Urgh.

Oh and I managed to almost kill myself 4 times in the shower today! First I almost slipped when I stepped in, then I bumped my head on the wall while turn on the shower, then I almost slipped while trying to reach for the soap, and of course I almost knocked myself over the edge when I tried to get out of the shower. WHY? Cuz it was damn freezing and my legs were shaking! Shaking legs = bad balance! Why legs shaking? Same reason as above: Fall/Winter -> too damn cold already! AHHHHHHH I love it. Hehe.

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Sat, 7th Sep '02, 4:00 pm::

Can't believe this! Last week, all types of video games (computer, consoles, hand-held, and even in cell-phones) were banned in Greece! And you thought the Taliban was bad... Damn. The biggest irony is, it was the Greeks who started the Olympic Games and are hosting the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

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Fri, 6th Sep '02, 8:20 pm::

My... What a day @ college. I talked non-stop through my computer class and slept in my physics class! Fun = 100%; Education = 0%. Hehe. Actually they were revising stuff in both the classes, so it wasn't important at all, since I still remember most stuff. Oh in the the computer class, I made this really neat friend: Manzinder. She's so damn nice! And after class we just chilled for a couple of hours and talked random stuff. It's nice to meet ppl who're cool to talk to. Oh and she also gave me a ride from our computer class to my physics class :) Thx girl!

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A Golden ChanceFri, 6th Sep '02, 9:15 am::

Oh my God! I just HAVE to write what a weird (but still cool) thing just happened. I was comin' to my office in the bus and this gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS blonde walked in and sat in the seat diagonal from me. The bus was fully empty except for her, me, and of course the bus driver. So once she sat down, I kinda caught her looking @ me, giving me 'the look'! You know, 'the look'! So I just smiled at her and she smiled back. I just felt weird and turned away. I kinda felt that she was staring at me after that also, but I wasn't sure. Anyways so my bus stop came and I got out of the bus after saying 'Good bye' to the bus driver. As soon as I went outside the bus, the driver walked out of the bus, and took me aside and pointed at something random in the distance:

    Chirag: What?
    Driver: Dude, I only came out of the bus to tell you that, that blonde was giving you THE LOOKS!
    Chirag: Are you SURE?
    Driver: Man, trust me! She kept staring at you all the way from Douglas to Busch (campuses - approx 20 mins)!
    Chirag: Damn...
    Driver: Trust me yo! I see all ya college folks checking out each other all the time in the buses, but THIS was some hot momma after ya!
    Chirag: Damn...

Of course, then I came to my office and the driver went back to driving the bus. Ok so if I see her next time somewhere, then I think I know what to do, but till then, I'm stuck to being single again :) Hehe. Oh and now you have the total right to hate me forever for being such a schmuck :)

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Thu, 5th Sep '02, 3:55 pm::

Heroes like these restore my faith in mankind.

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Thu, 5th Sep '02, 12:25 pm::

Happy Teacher's Day to all my past teachers in India.

Happy B'day Michele!

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Wed, 4th Sep '02, 11:10 pm::

Ah what a lovely day it was! Kinda hot, but still good. I had only one class, but was settin' up my office computer most of the day. I came back home, had some great pasta, and have been just chilling since. I have sooooo much work piled up! Guess I'll start everything tomorrow... Ahhhh...

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Tue, 3rd Sep '02, 8:30 pm::

I'm sooooo tired. I have a very very bad headache cuz of the damn heat! Anyways, today was a pretty good day; the first day of college :) I had four classes today... ahhh. But there's good news. Turns out, the Differential Equations class is a harem! Yup, you heard me right, harem! 3 guys and 13 girls... not at all the bad 'equation'. Oh and a lot of the girls are pretty pretty cute ;-) So I should be damn happy right now. Too bad my head hurts so much that I can't even enjoy the passing of a good day... oh well... better luck next day :) G'nite!

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Tue, 3rd Sep '02, 9:25 am::

Back to school! In the lab @ Livingston right now.

In the news, Tjheives rjob Bjork. Hehe.

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Mon, 2nd Sep '02, 10:55 pm::

I made it into PC World!!! Whoa I feel special.

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Mon, 2nd Sep '02, 8:05 pm::

Mon, 2nd Sep '02, 7:35 pm::

I know I have a very good digi-cam but I'm gettin' greedy and now I want this baby (hi-res pic)!

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Mon, 2nd Sep '02, 3:15 pm::

Song for the day: One Last Breath - Creed

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Sun, 1st Sep '02, 12:35 pm::

I'm going shoppin' all day and then party on campus all night... this just might be the best day of my life ever :-) Cya later!

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