Thu, 5th Jun '03, 1:25 am::

Hi Vishal. Yes, Vishal. Not anyone else, but Vishal... one of my best friends ever. I know you read this once in a while, whenever you get a chance. It's been long since I talked to you. Hope life's treatin' ya well bro. Things are going good out here. If you've been following this self-centered 'blog, you prolly know that I'm working full-time (8am-6pm) and taking summer classes (6pm-10pm) and making websites (10pm-2am) every day/night. So life's pretty tough. But then there are good times too. Most of all, I finally found a peaceful place to live in. It's a tiny room, one-third the size of your bedroom, but I call it home. It's funny how I always assumed that I'll find peace only in my own large 25,000 sq. ft. mansion and yet I have found bliss in a 100 sq. ft. place already. Of course I'm still hungry for more, but just wanted to share my new found wisdom with you that just because one hasn't achieved their life-long ambitions yet, doesn't mean that they aren't successful. Achieving the dream will take a life-time, but who says we can't be satisfied during the journey itself.

I miss you and Chetan a lot. Trust me. I have made a lot of friends here, and thankfully some of them (Arthur, Mason, Mihir, Syed, and blah blah awesome doods) never let me think I'm alone here. But just remember, watch your weight, take care of your hair, get your passport ready, and in a few years we'll be sittin' on a tropical island beach, sippin' pina-colada with li'l umbrellas in them :)

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