Thu, 5th Jun '03, 1:55 am::

Before I forget, had an awesome night tonight - chilled with Rita after my Econ class. Went to this really sweet little restaurant/bar down in New Brunswick - Marita's Cantina. Had some Smirnoff Ice's, a big fried chocolate ice-cream and a really great time :) I'm slowly slowly learning to control my excessive talking. Today I actually let someone else talk while I tried my best to not interrupt her at every moment. Well I'll eventually become a good listener. I'm sure :)

She's Croatian. Before I met her, I kinda knew where Croatia was, but didn't know exactly. Well now I know it's on the shores of the Adriatic sea in Europe, bordering Bosnia and Hungary, just a li'l swim away from Italy (esp. if you are a whale). The interesting thing is, my cuzin Purvi is going to Europe in a few days and on her way, she's gonna take a boat over the Adriatic and cross Croatia to Bosnia. Rita's going to Croatia in a few weeks herself. And next week my friend from work Chris is coming back from Europe. There's just toooo many people having too much fun this summer. Oh well, I should just stop complaining and go to bed. Work starts @ 8am tomorrow. G'nite world!

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