Fri, 6th Jun '03, 12:00 am::

Behold and shiver! The Swedberg family site is up and live. It's my *cute-little-blonde-girl* Tamara's family website :) It's hard to believe it's her first all-flash site. She's extremely creative and though she doesn't code 'n script a lot, she's quite nifty with her animation ideas. Just click on 'Devon' and then wait for the fire-truck to emerge and then click on it; you'll see what I mean. A lot of people tell me that I'm creative cuz I make all these websites but I refuse to believe them. As far as I know, I'm 1% creative, 99% methodological + hardworking. Tamara on the other hand, fits my definition of creative. Give her a little paper and a box of crayons, and she'll make a museum! Give me a little paper and a box of crayons, and I'll complain about the lack of infrastructure. If you remember, she's the same creative genius who made me the awesome StrongBad B'day card :) Oh and if you click on 'Tamara' for some reason I'm in there too! Notice the hat on this old pic. She calls me the Professor, though I didn't do any edumacating!

Phew at least it's the good kinda professor. Back in India, I remember my buddies Chetan & Vishal started calling me Professor after watching the movie 'Sangharsh' - a Hindi (according to some morons, poor) remake of the original Hollywood film The Silence of The Lambs. Hannibal Lector's part was played by Akshay Kumar - The Professor. So in other words, according to my buddies, I had the personality of Hannibal Lector! I don't think ANYONE right now can tell me that I am like that anymore. Phew, at least I changed.

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