Fri, 6th Jun '03, 12:05 am::

I'm not a big beer fan but this 48 Proof Sam Adams is amazing. Anyways, had some real good food tonight. Dinner with Suprithi @ Old Man Rafferty's. To quote from this review, "When is the last time you were treated to a menu that began with two pages of desserts, one more luscious than the next in the descriptions?" Though I didn't have any drinks, I just found that they also have a great bar. What can I say, the mousse cheesecake was just too good. It was a fun dinner, just talking with Supri about the cliched Indian-American life, from Masala Grill to Home Depot.

I was pretty afraid of spending a whole summer all alone, working 10-14 hours a day and studying 4 hours a night. But so far things have been going pretty good. This weekend I got a LOT of work but I think I'm revved up to it now :) Next week is my first mid-term for the Econ class I'm taking. Also gotta study for that. Oh well, one thing at a time...

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