Fri, 13th Jun '03, 1:55 pm::

Ok this is what I want to do - go to my work everyday, click on an icon and be able to listen to all the mp3's and wma's that I have at my home. I want to be able to browse through my collection and I don't want to make playlists. I also don't want to install some real big software to do something so simple. I finally found that StreamSicle does exactly what I want, except it doesn't support wma format. Since 95% of my files are in the wma format, this software's not for me. So it looks like lil me has a lot of coding to do now :) How does this sound - AjooBlast! Run a tiny 60k program on your pc and specify all your mp3/wma folders. Also enter a password (you don't want random people listening to your mp3's... do you?) Then go to work and download AjooBlast there also. But now specify your home IP address and password and browse through your music collection just like you are on your home pc :) Only requirement - fast internet connection. I can't wait to make this program asaigh (as soon as I get home)...

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