Sun, 15th Jun '03, 2:45 am::

After over three years I've finally made a software that makes me want to jump and shout in pride and I realize that my dad, mom, and sister are not here to see it. Since it's a software that plays music over the Internet and the dialup is pretty slow in India, they can't see it in action. Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, AjooBlast (download exe) is here! It's one of the most kick-ass softwares that I've ever designed. Took me a LOT of coding and a LOT of staying-up-all-night. But within days of me dreaming of a proggie like this, I managed to create version 1.0 :) Here's what it does - at home, you can run it in the server mode and select which folders to share. Go to your office and then run it in the player mode, enter the ip address of the server and just click 'Connect'! That's it. You can then browse through your big huge music collection @ home right from your work!

You can set a password on your server so that only you can access your music. You can give it to your friends and they can listen to your songs. Best of all, you can browse through your friends music collections while they go through yours. I connected with a couple of friends and went over their mp3s. God some people listen to CRAZY music. Hehe. Anyways, I talked to the editor of PC World magazine and he loved the software. He's writing a book about the Annoyances on PC's and hold your breath... but THREE of my softwares are featured in it - TrayPlay, HotChime, and now AjooBlast! I'm thinking of making a Pro version of AjooBlast and selling it for $5 per license. Who knows, if 2000 people buy it, I can buy me a car :) I haven't sold a software yet - only websites. So let's see how it goes.

I'm feeling extremely excited right now - considering how EVERYONE who has seen AjooBlast has been amazed. Here's a screenshot just for you to ogle at. I think I should go to bed now. It's past 3...

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