Tue, 17th Jun '03, 3:25 pm::

And I just bought a new PC from NewEgg for $1020!!!!!!!!!!!!! Basically this is all I bought: Dual AMD Athlon MP 2400 2.0ghz CPU on AMD760mpx Motherboard, 1GB DDram - 64x72ecc PC2100, Ati Radeon 9500 128MB DDR, Antec Power Supply 450W, and an Enermax Case. In English, that's two cpu's on a motherboard, 1gig of ram, an awesome video card and a good power supply + case. Why? Cuz my system is over 2.5 years old! I bought it when I came to US and am still using it! So anyways, the stuff will arrive hopefully in a few days and by next week my buddy Chris @ work is gonna set it all for up me. He's a hardware genius - he actually knows what the crazy numbers and cryptic symbols mentioned above mean!

Anyways, gotta get back to work. Oh and I spotted Sharon today. Hmm. Wonder what's she's been upto lately. Turns out she lives just a block away from me - so will prolly go see her often now :) That's once I get my work done...

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