Fri, 20th Jun '03, 11:05 pm::

At my aunt's home right now. Got my new pc + all my amazon stuff and lotsa stuff from my clients in the mail too. Did some grocery shopping too. And saw one of the worst stupidest Hindi movies ever - Koi Hai. It was so bad I want to gouge my eyes and crush my brain.

Anyways, here's something refreshing: CNN's 50 best websites. Let's see, RandMcNally seems to be a great map/roads site, much better than Mapquest. Whoa and one of my favorite blogs actually made it (hint: DULL)!!! Now I should prolly start going to Consumer Search more often, esp. before buying stuff. Twenty-questions and The Smoking Gun made it too. The rest are just famous/big sites like G & Amazon or stuff I know of, but don't check out like Lonely Planet & IFilm. Where's Fark and Fazed huh?

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