Fri, 27th Jun '03, 2:10 am::

I have now begun to trust the octopus, in other words, I'm now using PopFile spam blocking proxy-software. This is a really nice piece of code that sits between my server and email client, looks at each email and tries to classify it as regular or spam. In the beginning it considers all mails as regular and I have to go back and classify the spam mails as 'spam'. With time it learns my email habits and automatically starts classifying my emails and detecting all the junk I get :) Let's see if it lives up to the big hype or not. So now in addition to Spam Assassin running on my servers and over 200 filters in my Outlook Express mail rules, I have PopFile trying to classify my mails. My email gets a bit slow (like 1-2 seconds per email slower) but once all three of these are running at full efficiency, they will block 99% of the junk I get :) Cool huh... Normally I get 20-30 junk mails per day. Somedays I get upto 50 though, so it's all just random.

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