Thu, 3rd Jul '03, 11:55 am::

I was just talking to my work-buddy Chris (the awesome guy who's helping me make my new pc) and he asked me to check out his site. While the design is decent, and the grid seems appropriate (this being a science project and all), I told him it's pretty hard for amatuers to use grids etc. and not end up with a cheesy looking site. Designing a website is like working with tools to build a house. Effects like 'grid' and 'drop-shadow' are akin to chainsaws and power drills - only the most experienced can use them well, though they generally avoid using them altogether. Ever worked on a little house project? Even your 5 year old wanted to use the cool power drill? Right? Ya that's the problem with web design too - the coolest effects are just too tempting. Even as Flash is becoming more and more popular, the aesthetics of a good design are still the same - clean, sharp, and warm without snazzy effects. And of course, one much pay utmost attention to the typography.

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