Fri, 4th Jul '03, 1:55 am::

Just got home a few mins ago; had gone up to Hoboken, NJ to see Cigir (Cher). The view of the New York skyline so breathtaking that as soon as I arrived there I realized it was a mistake to forget my digi-cam @ home. However, I didn't even know where Hoboken was and just went cuz Cigir assured me it's pretty. So there we were for 4 hours... mid-summer night, beautiful weather, slight sea-breeze wafting in from the Hudson bay, some good food at some unknown Italian restaurant, and a hint of Bacardi (amazing site by the way). I hadn't seen her in over a month and a half; felt good to catch up on "ish."

I still haven't gone to NYC with her though we planned looooong ago. Well maybe next week...? Problem she works on weekends and I worked on weekdays and weekends. Hehe. Tomorrow being a holiday I was able to go out tonight. Somehow I don't think I'll have too many nightmares tonight. Heh.

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