Sat, 12th Jul '03, 4:40 pm::

Here's an example of the kind of wacky chats I have online every day:

    Suprithi: i ate some food...feel so much better rite now
    Suprithi: where u wanna take me
    Chirag: hehe pizza is best food
    Suprithi: nah, i ate some rice
    Chirag: compusa ? LOL :-P
    Chirag: bestbuy....?
    Suprithi: i am gonna pretend u never said that
    Suprithi: ok?
    Chirag: lol they all do!
    Suprithi: i am still pretending
    Chirag: *sigh* nobody understands what i truly want.....
    Suprithi: and what do u truly want?
    Chirag: dvi cable for my new radeon 9500 so that my 981 synergy works better on 1600x1200 w/ 75hz ref. rate....
    Suprithi: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Suprithi: ok
    Suprithi: me too
    Chirag: I'll marry you if really meant that!

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