Mon, 14th Jul '03, 2:40 pm::

I knew it was coming all along and I knew how much it was gonna be, but I kept hoping it wouldn't be as bad as it turned out to be - my tuition fees for year 2003-2004 :( It's about $7500 for Fall 2003 and a similar amount for Spring 2004. My first semester at Rutgers was less than $5200 in Fall 2000. This year I gotta pay $2000 more than I did last year. What a wicked coincidence that starting today, my salary has increased by $2/hr (= $2000/year). So what I make extra at my job at Rutgers, I give it back to Rutgers as tuition. It's a vicious circle - I work, I study, I remain poor. Thankfully, CSL's doing good so I'm not in a do-or-die situation yet.

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