Mon, 28th Jul '03, 9:20 am::

So I haven't blogged in a while. Big deal! Life's good and busy. Went to a distant relative's wedding reception on Saturday to NYC and then stayed over at my mama & mami's place in Queens. Got back home last night, checked my email, watched a little TV, and went to bed. Lotsa tiny things happening in between, some memorable, some iffy. Gonna get my math result tonight - quite anxious.

So I want to see the movie Comedian by Jerry Seinfeld, one of my fav. comedians ever. I found out about the movie via a post about this article on Fark about the death of the lady whose voiced the 'wrong number' telephone message. It's always like this - one thing leads to another. Gotta love surfing.

So anyways, two days from now, July 30th, will be my 3rd year in US. Wow time passes away so fast. I just hope I don't get all sentimental on that day again. Ok back to work.

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