Tue, 5th Aug '03, 9:25 pm::

Blog time! Two things about me tonight - my intelligence and my stupidity, not in the same order. Let's begin with your favorite topic - my lack of common sense. So I come home after work and it's kinda drizzling. I get ready for class and step outside and the rain has begun. The bus stop is 5 mins away from my home and yet somehow I decide it's not that bad and just keep walking. I could have simply turned around, walked into my room, and got my raincoat, but it just didn't occur to me. The only thing I could think of was how long could I stand under some tree/roof before I missed my bus. So I walk down Stone St., getting wet by the second when all of a sudden it starts pouring. Even under the trees I was getting soaked. Then I saw my bus move across the street and ran up to catch it, getting my jeans drenched in the process. I walk into the bus and everybody just stares @ me like I'm an alien. I guess I was, considering everyone inside was dry and calm while I was soaked and panting.

As I stood here, trying to dry myself, I kept wondering why I was the only one who was so wet, cuz it was raining so hard. Then it hit me, I was the only one without a raincoat/umbrella! Ya, so I'm plain dumb. What can I say. Sometimes the most common things just don't come to me. When I see rain, I don't think of umbrella, I think of either enjoying being soaked or running really fast to get to wherever I wanna be. I went to my math class and had to change into my gym clothes. So there I was, in my shorts and jersey while everyone was in casuals/work-clothes. My teacher looked funny @ me, especially when he saw that I was drying my jeans and wet t-shirt on the desk in front of me. Hehe. Sometimes I just forget that I live in a world full of "people" who actually notice how oddly I behave. Eh! Who cares.

Now on to some good stuff. My work's been going great. In fact so great that I'm rejecting large projects every other day. I've just rejected two websites each worth $5000 simply because I want to study hard starting September and not just work day/night. Anyways, I'm now gonna be involved in 3 projects - OnYourCell, GuptaMedia, and consulting with a friend of mine. If things work out, who knows... Also I'm slowly realizing that my skills are really in demand at the moment. Not to be immodest but I'm quite smart when it comes to computers and what most programmers take weeks to do, I can do in days and sometimes hours. As a result, people who've seen my work, instantly realize I'm too good to miss. So I get more and more work. However, I'm seriously losing interest now. I need a break. I don't really NEED all the money either. What I need is peace of mind. And some good quality time with myself - doing nothing, just watching TV, reading a book, and sleeping.

Next week's my math exam. So this weekend I'm gonna study non-stop. Might go home on Friday, not sure. Eh I got nothing more to say.

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