Fri, 8th Aug '03, 7:20 pm::

It's Friday evening and that means creative computer time for me :) I'm trying to integrate text-to-speech into my remote and was thinking of some voice like Dr. Sbaitso from the old Creative Labs - SoundBlaster era. After failing to implement Microsoft DirectX Speech libraries, I started looking for alternatives and frankly I'm blown away. Turns out IBM has a great TTS (text-to-speech) solution that you can test online. AT&T has an even better natural voice solution that is soooo real it's astonishing. A couple of years ago they said TTS was gonna hit big. I think the technology has finally advanced now to an acceptable level. I wouldn't mind hearing my news spoken by Rich and frankly Claire sounds creepily like Madeline Albright. Oh and they even have Anjali talking with an Indian accent! Of course I still have to find a good TTS library for my remote software. Hmmm.

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