Sun, 10th Aug '03, 2:40 pm::

A few weeks ago a new Indian restaurant, Thinisu opened on my block. I just ordered a Pav Bhaji + Veg Biryani from them and am waiting for it to be ready. If you convert the dollar amount to Indian rupees, sure it sounds expensive. However in comparision to other options (Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Wendy's etc) a $5.50 Thali is a pretty good bargain. How far is this place from my house? About 6 houses down the street. Let's hope my Pav Bhaji is tasty and then I've found a good cheap source of food. Only one problem. There's a major chance however, that they may not attract enough customers and shut down soon. Rent is quite expensive in this area and unless they have at least 100 people per day, I don't see how they'll survive. Once college starts though, I'm sure things will get busier. The parent company EBilva doesn't seem like a major organization to me; seems more like a small-scale family-run business. That means they have put a lot of money at stake here and will probably try harder than, say McDonalds or Pizza Hut, to survive and profit.

My OnYourCell project is now in the sales/marketing phase. More about it later, once we have a few more clients.

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