Thu, 14th Aug '03, 4:35 pm::

After 8 hours of stressful work, I come home and check my email. Emails like these make my day:

    Hi Chirag,

    You have officially earned an A, in case you had any doubt. :) It's too bad we can't give out A+'s, since you would have received one.

    Thank you for your participation in the course; it was a real pleasure to teach this subject to a receptive and interested audience. You did an outstanding job, and I hope you'll keep taking math courses.

    Please stay in touch! You have a standing invitation to visit my office (especially if you ever take an abstract algebra or advanced linear algebra course), or to ask for the insider's word on which courses and professors are the good ones.

    Again, congratulations on a job very well done.

    Good luck next semester,

    Michael Weingart

So I guess I did well in the final. Especially since I only studied for 2 hours. Hehe.

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