Sat, 16th Aug '03, 12:35 am::

It's a creepy feeling. I can't believe I'm actually experiencing this long lost emotion. For the first time in years, I am extremely bored. I've been watching TV all this week after my exam ended. I've watched tens of episodes of Family Guy, hours of standup comedy on Comedy Central, and listened to music till I got tired. If you noticed, I didn't mention computers because I'm giving myself a mental break.

So now even though I have whole two weeks of free time to do as much work as I want to, I am gonna relax a bit and not work 24/7. I owe that to myself. And now all of a sudden I find out, I am a normal human too; who gets bored, wants to go and meet people, do stuff. Of course I can't do anything cuz sadly NONE of my friends are on campus (or close by), my family's in Bahamas, I can't go meet any of my far away friends cuz the trains/subways aren't really working, AND I have no money! Since the ATM machines around my area are down, and credit-cards are not working (because all of these rely on databases centered in NYC), I am literally stuck here. I've enough food to last me one month, but my point is, I wanna go out and do something. No money, no car, no train = no fun. Hmmm. Oh well, this STILL beats having 3 project dues and 2 exams. Hehe. So life is good. Except it's weird. Cuz as I said, I haven't been bored in a LONG time.

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