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Count of Monte Cristo was quiet possibly my favorite book in my early teens and I just saw the movie. I remember, 1992 - grade VI. We had to read the book in the class, and I finished it in just one saturday afternoon. There were a lot of words I did not understand, nor the intricate storyline. In the following months I read it multiple times and became a sort of master. I think it was Mrs. Sen who said that I should help the three new kids from Bihar, Nitesh, Pawas, and Mrinal, with the English literature book. That's how I became good friends with them. Throughout my hostel life, they were one of my best friends and Nitesh still emails me once in a while. God knows what happened to Pawas and Mrinal. Hope they're doing good.

As I was watching the movie, I realized how precious memory is. I knew he would escape the prison by getting inside the bag. I was certain he would invite hundreds of royality to his château and not speak to anyone of them. And I remembered her name was Mercédès. For the past two hours, I was Chirag Mehta, Class VI, 900402, RKC, Rapur, M.P. It's interesting how our minds assign priorities to past events and items. I never thought I would think fondly of the days I made my class laugh by using a magnifying glass to project the reflection off my watch, on to the back of Mr. Tripathi's head. But then I never really realized it, that Count of Monte Cristo was my favorite book. Just like for the past ten years, I didn't remember that my first favorite song was Dil Ke Armaan.

Something has happened to me recently. All of a sudden my memory has been unlocked, and I keep remembering things that I never thought I would.

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