Thu, 11th Mar '04, 10:00 pm::

One of the most special things in life you can do is make a new friend and when you meet 3 great people, it's hard to describe. I've recently become good friends with my work-buddy Chris's 3 close friends - Tim, Becky, and Kiranj. I've hung out with them a few times and tonight we went to this cute Italian restaurant down Route 18 for Chris's upcoming birthday. Had a great time there and just got home. All of them have one more year of school left, so they'll be here next year when my friends Arthur, Nick, Mason, Mihir and all leave :(

I'm most probably going to stay here and work for my university to pay off my student loans till December 2004. During that I'll try to get into a good graduate program and hopefully start my master's or PhD degree by January 2005. That's the plan so far. Let's see what happens after that. Wish me luck.

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