Wed, 24th Mar '04, 1:40 am::

When a smart person lives alone in a tiny room and often has nightmares, the last thing he/she would ever do is watch the 1986 classic Aliens, quite possibly one of the scariest extraterrestrial themed movies. But then I never said I was smart. And by God am I scared or what right now!!! My pulse is over 100 and blood is rushing all inside my body. I seriously feel like I was in the movie. Ah the good old days when Cameron didn't make crappy sappy flicks. Aliens is no doubt one of the most kickass movie ever! Remember the part one was called Alien and part two that I saw tonight is Aliens. Thankfully the third part (which should've never been made to begin with) is called Alien3 instead of Aliensi or Alienses. They decided to call the fourth release Alien: Resurrection.

Names aside, I thoroughly enjoyed Part II and in retrospect now wanna see Part I soon. I think I'm gonna see a lot more scary movies now. I like the rush. By the way if you wondered what happened to the little girl "Newt" from Aliens, she's lookin' fine and probably a teacher by now.

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