Mon, 29th Nov '04, 10:15 pm::

Presenting, the Kitty Cam! See Giga and Tera live throughout the day :) Well the cam is in my bedroom so you may see me passed out now and then. The cam will probably be on during the day and off during the night.

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Sun, 28th Nov '04, 3:10 pm::

And today I realized it's not time for me to buy a house yet. Maybe next year...

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Sat, 27th Nov '04, 7:50 pm::

So today I saw a cute little beautiful townhouse in Clearwater, about 6 miles north of where I currently live. If things work out, I will buy it as soon as mid-December... I don't want to say anything more till I have some more information.

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Fri, 26th Nov '04, 3:45 pm::

I live right next to the Florida Blood Services and pass by it everytime I leave my apartment. After 5+ months of ignoring the big "PLEASE DONATE" sign, I finally got the courage to go in and donate blood. I think what pulled me in today was the smaller sign saying: "A+ Blood Critically Needed." That's my type. So I figured, shopping can wait a bit. I walked in and met the nicest bunch of people. I found my blood pressure is pretty good (100/70) too. I donated half a liter of blood and hopefully it'll help someone in need. And best of all I got a free movie ticket, a free pass to the Salvador Dali museum in downtown St. Petes, and a buncha snacks. My next donation date is Jan 21, 2005 and hopefully I'll go there to donate again.

Anyways, I bought a buncha crap from Walmart (ketchup, kitty litter, spices etc.). It wasn't as crowded as I expected it to be. Now I'm home and have two more days of nothing to do. Life is good. I like this relaxed schedule. My buddy Taylor is in town. Might chill with him soon...

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Wed, 24th Nov '04, 8:30 pm::

I normally don't criticize movies but today I have to admit, I saw the worst movie I've seen in years - Alexander. It was very slow, too long (3 hours), and it completely screwed the history. The movie showed the Persian princess asking for forgiveness from Alexander. He asked her how she should be treated to which she replied "As I am." Later on he fought with "some king" from India and retreated back to Macedonia. In truth, it was the King Porus of India who told Alexander to treat him "Like a King." Urgh. The movie didn't even mention his name. I hate it when stupid movies change WELL-KNOWN undisputed facts of history for weird reason.

Anyways, it's Thanksgiving so I have no work till Monday! It's partyyyyyy time :)

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Tue, 23rd Nov '04, 9:40 pm::

You know nothing much happens in my life when I don't 'blog. Lately it's been the same routine. Wake up, go to work, come home, play with Giga and Tera, go to bed, wake up in the middle of the night because Tera is purring RIGHT NEXT TO MY EARS, try to sleep, wake up again because Giga is licking my hands, try to sleep, rinse, repeat. But no matter what, I love it. It's been so long since I was genuinely so happy. I look forward to coming home every single day.

Anyways, last night was pretty good. My friend Jessica was going to hit the bars in Tampa with her friend Dana from Kentucky. I drove up to O'Briens and waited as the crowd slowly poured in. Not a lot of casual drinkers on a Monday night - mostly the addicts stroll in ;) Anyways, we just talked about random stuff and had drinks for hours and hours. At two we decided it was time to eat something. Went to IHop next doors and had some good midnight snack. I went to bed around 3am. Woke up at 6am with the worst headache ever! I don't think it was the three Long-Island Ice-Teas though. It was just the total lack of sleep.

So all day at work I was walking around like a zombie. I got home today at 5:30pm and went straight to bed. I took a 4 hour nap and here I am now. My whole sleep pattern is so foobared. It's hard to party and be regular at the same time... It's either I grow up and be all matured and hit the bed exact time every night OR I just live my life and go out and do stuff whenever the opportunity presents itself. Tomorrow, work ends at 12pm for Thanksgiving Vacation and hopefully the coworkers and yours truly are going to sneak into multiple movies ;) Things are great overall. I don't remember last time I was so relaxed about life in general.

Only one major news - I'm making this REALLLLLLY big software for my work starting January. It will take me 6-9 months just to write the basic modules. However, once it's in place, it'll make a BIGGGGG difference to how we operate on a day-to-day basis. There's a lot of cool things I've planned for this software. Let's see if I can create all the features... And that's the news from St. Petersburg, Florida. Back to you Alex.

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Wed, 17th Nov '04, 6:10 pm::

Another long day at work. Things are getting pretty busy with the new system and slowly everyone is adjusting to it. I have to create a lot of cool reports etc. in the next few weeks.

Anyways, big news today is that I am getting fat. Well lately a lot of people have noticed that I'm chunking up. Urgh. I guess it's in my family. I'm trying my best to control my diet and exercise. I will get on a strict diet + workout schedule soon. Maybe that could be my New Year's Resolution...

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Tue, 16th Nov '04, 7:05 pm::

Work is going pretty good. One of my major projects is complete and today everyone started using the system I made. I am very excited about it - our new Inventory system. There are so many things I want to add to it and with time, I will. Had a long talk with my boss today about what my next few projects will be. I have a lot of work coming my way so I'll be busy for a while. But it's all good - I love my job.

Anyways I am quiet tired. I'll go to bed early tonight... Tomorrow is another long day...

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Tue, 16th Nov '04, 7:00 pm::

More pics of Giga & Tera.

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Tue, 16th Nov '04, 1:40 am::

First I got two kitties and then I got three mice! Hehe.

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Sun, 14th Nov '04, 9:40 pm::

I still can't believe that I have kitties! They're in my bedroom, resting. I'm tired too. Going to hit the sack. Tomorrow is going to be one long day.

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Sun, 14th Nov '04, 10:55 am::

This 'blog is being written with the two kitties in my lap :-P They're sleeping and purring. Is that even possible?

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Sat, 13th Nov '04, 11:40 pm::

Sometimes with great happiness comes great sorrow. I just received some awful news. My Divyesh Mama (mom's cousin) passed away last night from heart attack at the age of 46. He was the one who inspired me to get into the science field ever since I was a little boy. He bought me my most favorite game of all time - Brick-o-built, or as I still call it, my Red Game. He took me to science museums everytime I went to Bombay. He took me to his engineering work sites and showed me how he worked. And now he's no more. So many people close to me passed away or met with accident since I last went to India.

This is one tragedy on my family after another. From my cousin Keval's accident to my great-grandma's death to now my Mama's sudden death. Life is so delicate. We all forget that. And we all take it for granted. I am so sad right now. I guess that's why I got kittens. I am all alone in this land with nobody to hug when something like this hits me. At least now I have Giga and Tera. Good night.

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Sat, 13th Nov '04, 10:30 pm::

It's funny how in just one day my kitties went from being total strangers scared of me to absolutely sweet lil pets licking my fingers! I can't believe how cute and sweet they are. They were running around my room chasing each other! And now they're huddled together and sleeping. I feel like a proud papa...

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On Becoming a ParentSat, 13th Nov '04, 4:25 pm::

With teary eyes of a new father, I give the world the GREAT news that today I went to the animal shelter (Friends of Stray) and got two kittens - Giga and Tera!!! Giga is the calm loving boy kitten and Tera is the playful smaller girl kitten. Be sure to check out all the kitty pictures.

I don't think I have ever been this overwhelmed by emotions. I feel so much responsibility and SOOOOOO much excitement! It'll be a hard job training them (cats aren't that easy) but I'm sure it'll all work out with time.

Thank you very much Jessica for being such a great friend and helping me at every stage of the whole deal. You totally rock!

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Fri, 12th Nov '04, 8:20 pm::

It's officially 5 months since I left Jersey. Oh how I miss my friends/family yet don't miss the icky gray weather. It's a bright sunny morning here in St. Petes, Florida and that's the way I like it :)

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Tue, 9th Nov '04, 7:55 am::

So last evening I went to Tampa to play with my friend Jessica's kitten Trixie. Before I get my own cats I wanted to make sure I'm comfortable playing with them. So yeah, now I'm thinking of getting two kittens, thanks to my sister's idea that one cat will feel lonely when I leave for work all day. I asked the good folks at (Total)Fark the same thing and they agreed; best is to get two kittens from the same litter. I absolutely loved Trixie. She was jumping all over me, hiding from me, and suddenly sneaking up and jumping to play with my hand. I absolutely loved her! I wanted to steal her but Jessica would've killed me :-P Hehe.

Anyways, gotta get to work now. Long day ahead as usual. But it'll be fun because my job rocks :)

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Sun, 7th Nov '04, 9:40 am::

Last night I threw the first party of my life! I was the host for once :) So basically Brian (boss's bro) and Scott decided that I am throwing them an impromptu party last night. I went to Walmart and got some party stuff (food, drinks, paperwares). Brian came over early and we went to Publix and K-Mart to get the rest of the stuff. Around 5pm, Brian and I started drinking. Man that was some STRONG punch!

First to arrive were Eric (my boss) and his wife Amy. Then came Scott, Linda, Kelly, and Chris. Everyone ate a lot but drank too little. I have enough liquor to last me a year! Brian actually brought his stash of Rum, Vodka, Tequila from his mini-bar. We drank, we played movie trivia games, we watched South Park, and funny videos. We ate and made fun of each other and basically had an overall good time :) And we walked all the way to the swimming pool all drunk and just chilled by the poolside for a while. It was fun trying to walk in the dark.

Since this was my first party, I didn't wanna do "too much." Just wanted people to come hang out at my place and spend a nice evening together. Next time though, I'll plan lotsa fun things!

Here's to Formulated Solutions!

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Fri, 5th Nov '04, 10:20 pm::

And now something totally out of the blue. I want to get a cute little kitten. I am not a big dog-person but I think I can handle a lil cat well. They are easier to feed and take care of than dogs. Anyone have any kittens they want to give away? Note that I've never owned a pet and am too selfish to take care of anyone other than myself. But I figure, having a pet that I kinda hafta take care of, will make me slightly more responsible and help me mature. That and my apartment seems kinda lonely. It would rock to come home to a lil kitty each night :)

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Fri, 5th Nov '04, 1:45 pm::

Today is SUCH a beautiful day outside. I can't believe I live in such a gorgeous place... St. Petes!

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Thu, 4th Nov '04, 10:55 pm::

Life's back to normal. Work, sleep, work, sleep. This weekend could be fun.

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Wed, 3rd Nov '04, 12:00 pm::

Happy 3rd B'day dear 'blog :) I can't believe we've come so far...

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Mon, 1st Nov '04, 1:55 pm::

So I'm home finally. I still can't believe that I am officially now a marathoner! 26.2 miles baby!!!! Very tired. Gonna hit the sack now. Please nobody call me. I need rest.

Song for the day: "No Phone" - Cake

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