Mon, 27th Jun '05, 12:15 am::

Here's some pictures of my living room and the rest of the furnished house. Some rooms look good (Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom) and others need work (Bedroom, Computer Room). Most of the rooms just need a new coat of paint and wood flooring. I get just that much done and I'm gold. It'll get there. Another thing I need to do is setup a mandir for Lord Krishna. I have space in the living room but no stand, so I might have to make one myself if I can't find anything good.

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Sun, 26th Jun '05, 9:30 pm::

Hello from my new house :) I'm all settled in the house with only 3 boxes waiting to be unpacked (mostly stuff for the closet). All of this, thanks to my sweet sweet lovely friend Lynn. Had she not helped me pack, clean, unpack, and shop with a 10% discount off at Walmart I'd still be trying to find my clothes or paper plates. Right now, EVERYTHING is setup, from my computer room to kitchen to pantry to bathroom to of course, the living room :) This move was more trouble-free than I could've imagined. Absolutely nothing went wrong! Now I have to go around the house and take pictures. And best of all, the kitties love the house! They run around hiding in new places. I know they're happy.

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Fri, 24th Jun '05, 7:05 am::

Looks like this will be my last 'blog from my apartment. I gotta take the cable-modem to the cutest house in the world and set up Internet access there. I don't know if I can actually lift the TV too. The security system is going to be setup in the next few hours too. And by tomorrow evening, I should be all moved. Hopefully.

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Thu, 23rd Jun '05, 10:05 pm::

After work I went over to my new house and replaced all the entrance locks - five in total! Man... homeownership is hard! Then met my neighbors on both sides. Turns out one of the neighbors is a senior-level computer programmer and we actually had a pretty cool time chatting out on the lawn. Now I gotta get back to packing in a few minutes, once I get some food.

Oh and I got new pictures of my house. Here is the cutest house in the world :)

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Wed, 22nd Jun '05, 9:45 pm::

Oh man this is going to be so much work. Just got back from Home Depot. Have to change the locks on the new house tomorrow. I know, it has begun. I will start packing tonight and hopefully I should be all packed up by Saturday noon before the moving company comes. I have soooooo much stuff to do before I move. I'm also going to take pictures of the house tomorrow. Before Saturday, I gotta clean the new house. The electric, water, and phone line will be activated tomorrow. Friday, the security system and cable/internet will be setup. Monday, the garbage company will start picking up trash. Saturday should be my first night in the house :) And now, it's time for some cake and celebrations before I start packing.

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I'm become a homeowner & house-poorWed, 22nd Jun '05, 10:30 am::

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM A HOMEOWNER NOW :) I just signed the papers and am now in possession of a beautiful 2 bedroom 1 bath house with palm trees and a lawn :) It is only two miles from the beach! I will post more details once I get to my aparment (notice how I'm not calling it my 'home' anymore ;)

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Tue, 21st Jun '05, 11:40 pm::

Exactly one year ago I started my full-time job at Formulated Solutions and I'm even more excited today than I was before I knew what life held for me. I can't believe it's already a year since I came here. Guess time flies when you're having fun. I love my little work family :)

Oh and tomorrow just might be the coolest day ever! Looks like somebody's about to buy a house...

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Sun, 19th Jun '05, 12:25 pm::

Had a great day yesterday. Woke up around noon, got a call from Brian, and went jetskiing. We jetskied for over four hours total, two in the fresh-water Lake Tarpon and two in the ocean. I'm so sore right now from all the workout. Then chilled with him and watched Without a Paddle on cable On-Demand. Definitely a funny movie. Not something that'd win awards but a good movie to end a good day. Came home after the movie and just hit the bed. Woke up after 11 hours and here I am, still tired and sore. It's gonna be a relaxing Sunday since I have no chores :)

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Sat, 18th Jun '05, 2:00 am::

"The first member of the cast of the TV Show Friends, to get a role in a Hollywood film was Marcel the Monkey." - IMDB Trivia.

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Fri, 17th Jun '05, 8:45 pm::

My friend Chris finally uploaded his huge collection of 80's cartoon opening themes. Presenting, The 80's Toon Archive with previews from your favorite cartoon shows. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

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Feels likeThu, 16th Jun '05, 9:15 pm::

If you hear me talk about the weather, specificially the temperature, I'll almost always quote some figure other than the exact temperature. If the thermometer says 83F I'll probably say "Oh man it's so hot.... 90F!" Sometimes when it's 70F, I'll say "Wow never thought it'd be 60F in March..." I'm not incapable of reading the temperature from a thermometer or off the Weather Channel website. It's just that I absolutely ignore the real measurable temperature and instead quote the feels-like temperature. The "feels-like" temperature is an index that describes what the temperature really feels like, taking into effect the temperature, wind, humidity, sunshine intensity, cloudiness, precipitation and elevation on the human body - everything that affects how warm or cold a person feels. The exact temperature is for inanimate objects. The "feels-like" temperature reflects how hot or cold it would normally feel to be in some place at some point in time. So yeah, next time I say it's 95F, trust me, that's what it feels like, no matter what the thermometer says.

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Tue, 14th Jun '05, 10:15 pm::

I ALWAYS wanted to do this myself! Go Futurama :)

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Tue, 14th Jun '05, 7:15 am::

Mon, 13th Jun '05, 6:30 pm::

Exactly one year ago on this day, I arrived at Saint Petersburg, Florida with my friend Arthur. It's been quite a year, so many new things I'd never experienced before. I remember I was so scared when I first came here. I didn't know anyone, I didn't know any place. I didn't even have my kitties! Well, one year later, I am so much happier and content. Things couldn't have been better. Thanks to everyone who's made a difference in my life.

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Sun, 12th Jun '05, 11:35 pm::

I hope this is the last time i ever have to do laundry in a public laundromat. Seriously. It took me like 3 hours from start to finish. So tired now. Anyways, had a pretty relaxing day today; just lazing around the apartment doing minor chores.

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Sat, 11th Jun '05, 11:25 pm::

I think there is a Kitty in my... Hopefully I'll take more pics and keep adding them to this page. I'm pretty sure I'll find the kitties in even weirder places :)

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Sat, 11th Jun '05, 9:00 pm::

Today was the day I will compare with for the rest of my life when it comes to having fun on a jetski. Brian called up around 3:30 and we were at the lake by 4:30. We jetskied in the choppiestm, roughest water I've ever seen in my life. The weather was gorgeous, the sun was warm, the water was the perfect temperature, and the wind was just right. It was soooooooooo much fun. I had more fun today than all of the 4-5 times I've jetskied in the past. I was chasing the wake of speed boats and getting so much air. I'm extremely tired right now and my back's kinda sore from the bumpy ride. I did have some good pizza and garlic bread though. It's all good now.

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Sat, 11th Jun '05, 12:50 am::

2005 World Food Prize: Dr. Modadugu Gupta, an Indian scientist who helped pioneer low impact/low tech high yield aquaculture techniques that benefit some of the worlds poorest people has been awarded the World Food Prize. Makes me proud.

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Fri, 10th Jun '05, 9:25 pm::

I find it pretty funny when I see people that pretend to like certain things simply to impress others. I know people who don't really like hip-hop but listen to it because all the cool-kids are doing it. Same with punk, emo and God knows every other genre of music. Then there are people who pretend to love esoteric movies and read abstruse novellas by underrated authors. I happen to know a few people whose sole existence is defined by trying to impress others, be it fast cars, bigger houses, or leather pants.

I've personally been criticized of trying to impress others by using big words when diminutive* ones will suffice. In my defense, I'm pretty sure that everytime I use a word in my text that people need to consult a dictionary for, I use it because it fits the best. If you read the paragraph above, there really is no better synonym for "esoteric" in that context. And there really is no "other word" I can use in place of synonym. However, if I didn't like Mozart, I wouldn't listen to his music just to impress my coworkers. Sadly, a lot of people do that.

Better to do what you like and enjoy it than pretend to like what you think will impress others.

* - I was being sarcastic when I used the word 'diminutive' :) Oh and diminutive is a pretty cool word, especially it's usage in different languages.

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Fri, 10th Jun '05, 6:15 pm::

Looks like the hurricane season is back. Tropical Storm Arlene is heading for the Florida panhandle / Alabama area and hopefully will miss us by hundreds of miles. However, considering it's still huge and moving very slowly, my entire weekend is pretty much hosed. It's raining outside and doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. Guess I can sit back and just eat something hot.

Things are pretty dull otherwise. Dull isn't bad necessarily, in fact, I happen to like it quite a bit. I like the fact that I don't have to work or study all weekends. I like how I don't have any major chores or big personal projects to complete. It's the ease and lack of tension that I absolutely love. I come home, play with the kitties, watch a little TV, read stuff online, go to bed, and sleep pretty peacefully. I guess I'll never really get rid of my constant nightmares but otherwise, things are good. I know my daily schedule seems pretty dull and I realize that it actually is, but it's a stress-free dull and not a stretch of depressive doldrums where I find myself stuck in life or something.

Hopefully life will get pretty interesting once I get a house. I don't want to jinx anything so I'm not going to show pictures or write a lot about the house that I'm going to buy soon. Let's see how it goes.

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Thu, 9th Jun '05, 7:00 pm::

How to date a Developer and why exactly :) And apparently, I kick ass! Of course, I don't really believe any of it, rather think it's just trashy-magazine talk. Reality's much more jaded, or maybe just bitter.

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Thu, 9th Jun '05, 8:05 am::

Tue, 7th Jun '05, 10:10 pm::

I always wanted to make a website that changed color automatically everytime you visited it. I just made my /tech randomly choose colors based on the ColorMatch scheme. In addition to picking 1 random color and 5 more based on it, my algorithm also makes sure that there is enough contrast between the foreground and background colors so that the text is not hard to read. Check it out yourself and hit 'refresh' a few times to see the color + fonts change instantly.

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Tue, 7th Jun '05, 10:05 pm::

Now if only I could find a job at such an awesome place like this (sarcasm alert!)

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Tue, 7th Jun '05, 7:55 pm::

Hard to believe that it's already June. Things are going good on all fronts - some cool new projects at work and kinda relaxed evenings at home. Don't really feel like going out and doing much. I did have some good food tonight with Brian 'n Linda. The kitties are awesome as usual and growing up really fast. And now that I separated my personal and my /tech 'blogs, I feel kinda relaxed - now I don't have to worry that I'll bore my family/friends with my computer-ish or annoy computer people with stories of my kitties :)

The weather is weird. And it'll only get weirder, now that the hurricane season has started. No hurricanes; yet.

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Sun, 5th Jun '05, 7:00 pm::

As I mentioned before, I realized that I need to separate my personal and my tech 'blogs; so here it is - the /tech blog :) Hopefully I'll keep it interesting and not too monotonous. And even better, people who don't really care about my computer stuff won't find it in here anymore.

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Sun, 5th Jun '05, 1:35 am::

Just got back from the Tampa Fark Party. It was a lot of fun and I met tons of cool people. Hopefully we'll have pictures up online sometime soon. I had just one Long Island all night because I had to drive all the way back to St. Petes. Hope I get to go out more often with my fellow Farkers.

Also jetskied for a few hours today and had a lot of fun. Overall, a pretty good day.

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Fri, 3rd Jun '05, 8:20 pm::

I just started using Sajax and JSON today at work. I already made my own functions and have figured out how to use it in the easiest possible way. Looks like I will be making a lot more use of it for internal applications because it makes round-trips to the web server a lot less.

Also I think I need a personal and a tech-blog - two separate places where I jot down the appropriate stuff. A lot of people do it but I don't know, it just might end up being too much work. There is a lot I want to talk about when it comes to computers science and there's obviously a lot when I want to talk about how my life is. Maybe I'll feel inspired one of these days and design a 'blog :)

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Fri, 3rd Jun '05, 8:00 am::

And as if the St. Petes Times story about the upcoming Fark party in Tampa (which I am definitely going to) wasn't enough, I also found a Tampa Bay Times story regarding the same. Now I'm going to a highly publicized party! w00t!

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Thu, 2nd Jun '05, 9:45 pm::

HOLY MOLY! So I'm going to this Fark party in Tampa on Saturday to meet about 30-35 people who visit Fark/TotalFark. Now the surprising thing is, my local newspaper, actually ran a story about the party! So I'm now technically going to a party that was publicized in a newspaper :)

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Thu, 2nd Jun '05, 2:55 am::

Quote for the night: "The complexity of a business process..., is like energy, it cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be moved around from one place to another." - Sean McGrath, IT world article

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Thu, 2nd Jun '05, 2:05 am::

My sleep pattern is pretty screwed up.

And here's what would happen if Costello buys Computer from Abbot. I haven't laughed this hard in weeks.

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Thu, 2nd Jun '05, 12:25 am::

Happy B'day Mummy!!!

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