Feels likeThu, 16th Jun '05, 9:15 pm::

If you hear me talk about the weather, specificially the temperature, I'll almost always quote some figure other than the exact temperature. If the thermometer says 83F I'll probably say "Oh man it's so hot.... 90F!" Sometimes when it's 70F, I'll say "Wow never thought it'd be 60F in March..." I'm not incapable of reading the temperature from a thermometer or off the Weather Channel website. It's just that I absolutely ignore the real measurable temperature and instead quote the feels-like temperature. The "feels-like" temperature is an index that describes what the temperature really feels like, taking into effect the temperature, wind, humidity, sunshine intensity, cloudiness, precipitation and elevation on the human body - everything that affects how warm or cold a person feels. The exact temperature is for inanimate objects. The "feels-like" temperature reflects how hot or cold it would normally feel to be in some place at some point in time. So yeah, next time I say it's 95F, trust me, that's what it feels like, no matter what the thermometer says.

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