Mon, 1st Aug '05, 11:55 pm::

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my car has a permanent space for two beach chairs, one beach umbrella, an ice cooler, and a beach towel. As of tonight, it also has a Sevylor Tahiti Classic Inflatable Kayak, a lifevest, a dual-sided aluminum/plastic paddle, and a hand pump. For about $300+tax, I purchased all the kayaking equipment from the West Marine store near my work. I went kayaking at Lake Seminole that's about six minutes from my house. The plan is that I will kayak every weekday for one hour at least. The water is beautiful and since there's no cost of fuel every time I go, it's a pretty cheap hobby. As long as I don't puncture the kayak somehow, though it's easy to patch a small hole or two.

The reason I went for an inflatable one instead of a typical rigid hull is that I didn't wanna buy an expensive rack for the roof on my car. Inflatable kayaks are good for beginners like me and when I get more experienced, I can look for a good fibre-glass model or something. Till then, I'm going to paddle hard and learn how to steer it straight. Trust me it's not easy! But I'm sure with practise, I'll get there.

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