Screw ChopsticksSat, 7th Jan '06, 6:30 pm::

My friend just asked me if I can eat with chopsticks or not. I replied with a resounding NO. I don't like chopsticks. Not because I don't have the dexterity to handle them without spilling noodles all over myself, but rather because the output/input performance ratio is extremely low. Eating with chopsticks is like raking leaves with a pool cue stick. Sure with practice you can do it pretty well, but why bother when more efficient, more elegant solutions exist? Namely, forks and sporks. Forks aren't any more complex than chopsticks. The simplest form of a fork is two chopsticks fused together for 80% of the length that remain seperated at the other 20%

It is understandable that thousands of years ago when metallurgy was in its infancy, making wooden chopsticks was far easier than metal forks. But now I just don't see the need for it. My friend argued that chopsticks are the only tools that provide the ability to pick something up without damaging it. Of course, that's a moot point because in 0.5 seconds it's going to end up in your mouth where you intend to inflict maximum damage.

We're still debating but I gotta admit, I really do fail to see why a primitive form of wooden cutlery is better at delivering different types of food than modern hybrids.

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