Ten things every person should be ABLE to doThu, 4th May '06, 11:45 pm::

In my quest to better myself, I often keep trying to compare my skills with leaders and stalwarts in my own field as well as in fields that I am pretty much an amateur, or at best a hack. So while I wonder if my proficiency in computer security will ever get close to Bruce Schneier's or if I'll ever be able to cook Punjabi dishes like my mom, I frequently remind myself that being better at many different things is not the ultimate victory. Somethings you just have to be able to do in life, no matter how good or bad. So here's my list of...

Ten things every person should be ABLE to do:

  1. Memorize a poem by heart and recite it eloquently and with proper enunciation.
  2. Unclog the sink. Fix the telephone. Replace a flat-tire.
  3. Tell an adventurous story that keeps a bunch of kids thrilled for an entire evening.
  4. Nurse a kitten or puppy that hasn't weaned yet.
  5. Know the difference between there, their, and they're.
  6. Not talk to anyone for a week and still stay sane.
  7. Find your way around your house blind-folded.
  8. Locate your favorite constellation on a starry night.
  9. Dance when the moment is right.
  10. Stay awake for 72 hours without batting an eyelid when a loved one truly needs you.

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