Unusual favorite thingsMon, 9th Oct '06, 11:00 pm::

People make lists of favorite things all the time, from movies to music to travel destinations and cuisines. Bleh boring. Here's something more interesting.

My Top Ten Absolutely Unusual Favorite Things that You Didn't Know:

  1. Favorite Conjecture: The Collatz Conjecture or more commonly known as the 3n+1 problem.
  2. Favorite Portmanteau: The philosophical Grue.
  3. Favorite Element: Ununquadium on the Island of Stability
  4. Favorite Veridical Paradox: The Monty Hall problem
  5. Favorite Fallacy: The Fallacy of Sunk Cost or Concorde Effect
  6. Favorite Recursive Link: See link
  7. Favorite Woodwind: The Japanese Shakuhachi
  8. Favorite Anecdote: Taxi Cab # 1729
  9. Favorite Precipitate (Meteorological): Virga
  10. Favorite Vestigial structure: Goose bumps

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