1) Chant 2) RepeatSat, 2nd Dec '06, 11:55 pm::

Last two weeks have been pretty hectic for me. Lots of little and big things happening that have changed my life in ways beyond what I feel comfortable discussing openly. No matter how neurotic life has seemed lately, I keep catching myself saying "It's OK, we'll get there."

I don't realize it most of the times but often when I'm going through different phases in life, my inner voice keeps chanting little slogans that push me along. Right now, it is "We'll get there" and last year when I was sick for months on end, it was "No worries. We be good." When I was training for hours in the Florida sun for the marathon it was the mushy "What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger."

Chanting religious mantras isn't something I do in my everyday life and never really felt comfortable praying to a divine entity to help me through my personal issues. However, somehow I feel much better saying these little catchy slogans. Most of these are simple phrases that I probably said once to someone and then kept repeating over and over because they made me feel better and pushed me on. I could say that while these slogans don't fuel my inner-strength, they keep the engines well oiled and flowing smooth so when I need to muster up some courage, I'm always ready. After all, the journey may seem a little long-winded today but it's ok, we'll get there.

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