Tue, 29th May '07, 8:35 am::

My pet project is very close to completion and merely weeks away from release. I'm pretty excited about it. I had a pretty productive weekend working on it and now I'm all pumped up to get back to work so I can continue working on the big ERP project.

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Mon, 7th May '07, 1:55 pm::

I want a bumper sticker on my kayak that says "I'd rather be sculling."

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Thu, 3rd May '07, 3:35 pm::

I AM A HERO! My coworker came into my office, worried that his hard drive was quite possibly dying. I walk into his office and his office-mate asks me, "Please do something because the noise is killing me too." I go near the noisy computer, locate where the noise is coming from (the power-supply unit in the back) and hit it once with my flat palm, thump! Instantly, the buzzing stops. The fan on the PSU was out of alignment and now fixed, re-aligned. The Computer Guy has saved the day, once again!

If only my current project, setting up an ERP system, was this easy.

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Thu, 3rd May '07, 12:45 pm::

Thanks to Mark, I now realize that a light bulb is actually a Dark Sucker.

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