Sun, 29th Apr '07, 7:25 pm::

We often get so caught up by the daily rut 'n rigmarole that we forget to relish life's little pleasures. Here's a few little things that make me smile.

Turning on the TV to unexpectedly catch the happy-ending of an underrated movie. Getting that little piece of pop-corn finally out of your gums. Having your fingernails grow just the right length to peel off a sticker but not too long to make typing difficult. Finding an extra slice of cheese in the fridge. Not having a single junk email make it into in your inbox. Realizing that in case you run out of toothpaste, there's an extra tube in the linen cabinet. Hearing the air-conditioner automatically kick-in the moment you feel a little warm but are too lazy to get up to lower the temperature yourself. Getting rid of the little piece of pebble caught inside your shoe. Coming across a word years after you last saw it in print - minstrels. Finishing item #10 on your little To Do list just in time for ice-cream. Making item #11 on your To Do list "eat ice-cream" no matter what the list is about.

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Sat, 28th Apr '07, 6:35 pm::

Yet another weekend spent working. Bleh.

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Lament not, fellow IndianWed, 25th Apr '07, 12:35 pm::

I am at work right now, on hold with Dell, trying to renew the warranty on some servers we purchased last year. I can easily whine about how awful the overall support nightmare is, having talked to over twelve people in the last two hours. But right now, I want to sadly talk about something that has been bugging me for years now - the pitiful tone and the lamenting language of the average Indian call center employee.

Having lived in India for the first twenty years of me life, I am well-aware of the social constructs, language barriers, and job market woes. So I have nothing but utter respect for the hundreds of thousands of hard-working, honest call center employees. I have a few friends in Delhi that work for outsourcing firms and many of these kids are brilliant. I am hurt every time I hear anyone stereotyping and insulting them online and offline, just for being different and hard to comprehend. I had a strong Indian-accent when I first came here and I still have problems being understood sometimes. Being packed in a cubicle with 3 others, stuck on a phone with irate customers for ten hours a day is not an easy way to feed your kids. So I understand how difficult things can be.

However, what drives me crazy is the pathetic "Sorry Sir," "Thank you very much Sir," "Please wait Sir" language that these folks are forced to use. It makes me ashamed to think that my people, even after sixty years of Independence from the British, still have to portray a public image of servitude, inferiority, and desperation when interacting with non-Indians.

The blame lies not with the workers. It lies with the management, often-times Indian, that enforces these scripted rituals of verbal enslavement. The employees maybe humble yet proud Indians but since their paycheck relies on them using these "Sir, Sorry Sir, Please Sir" interjections, they have to behave like dismal Third-World outcasts. What angers me the most is that these are well-educated, highly-skilled, respected people forced to behave like servants for some mythical foreigner 8,000 miles away. When I interact with people here in US, this is they behavior they expect of me. I'm sorry but if anyone expects me to be a sorry little Indian boy, you can bet they'll be my personal dartboard for a long, long time.

If you have ever called customer support and have been frustrated because it is hard to understand the person at the other end, realize that they have the same problem understanding you. All I can say is speak clearly and respectfully. It's not their fault your cellphone battery doesn't charge. What right do you have to insult a complete stranger solely because they sound different? You certainly wouldn't pull that on a cop with a different accent, so why are these hard-working individuals fair game for insolence? If you truly want to retaliate against the company, stop buying their crappy phones.

Now if this message ever reaches a call center employee, I have just one single request for you. Please Sir/Ma'am, be proud of yourself Sir, and boldly refuse to use the Sorry lines that your Respected Boss Sir Kindly Requested you to use Sir, Thank You Sir.

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Fri, 20th Apr '07, 12:50 pm::

On my way to work earlier today, I saw a beautiful girl driving a convertible with toy Yoda as her passenger. I know it wasn't this girl. Had I not been driving in the opposite lane, I might have offered to take her up in the Darth Vader balloon.

Oh and I have a new phone now: Samsung d807. It works, quite well. And I only lost a few numbers.

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Tue, 17th Apr '07, 9:15 pm::

After over a month of break, I finally went kayaking today. Woke up early morning and drove up to Ocala with Sandra to kayak where the Ocklawaha River meets the Silver Springs. I loved Silver Springs last time I went there and was more than excited to be back in the area again. And boy, I was not disappointed. See our Ocklawaha River & Silver Springs kayaking photos for yourself.

Oh and my cellphone is out of order. So if I don't call back, sorries. Send me an email from above.

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Thu, 12th Apr '07, 8:25 am::

I'm pretty certain I'm having a writer's itch, the opposite of a writer's block. This morning before I woke up, I dreamt about writing something from the bottom of my heart and debating it with friends. Then I woke up and realized Kurt Vonnegut passed away last night. I have a sinking feeling in my heart just thinking about it. Hope he enjoys his stay in the big Slaughterhouse above. Hi ho.

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Sun, 8th Apr '07, 10:00 pm::

I don't even feel like the same person anymore, having consciously ignored my 'blog for almost three months now. My pet project's going well. Probably a few more months till it's ready. Life is good otherwise.

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