Earliest historical eventSat, 14th Feb '09, 12:05 pm::

A reddit discussion on "the earliest historical event that you can remember occurring" flashed back the memories of Indira Gandhi's assassination to my mind. I distinctly remember the curfew in the city of Kolkata because of the ensuing riots. My parents took me to a neighbor's apartment and we saw people running down the streets holding torches, shouting anti-Sikh slogans. Quite a few Sikh families lived in our neighborhood so it was a frightening event.

I just surprised myself by looking at the date of the assassination: October 31, 1984. I was only four years old then, yet I can clearly recall the event. Other things I remember from that time were Muppets on TV, a ping-pong game that could be played on our old Black & White TV, and reruns of Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot.

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