Sun, 20th Sep '09, 11:55 pm::

My days after the ultramarathon have been super busy and the nights have been super short. Work is going well but since I am in the middle of a big infrastructure upgrade, I don't have a second to sit down and breathe. School started and I'm already busy with homework and projects. After two weeks of non-stop work and school, I went up north to Chattahoochee this weekend to see Juliet. She'll be there till the first week of October.

The past two days have been nothing short of an adventure. We went to see stalactites and stalagmites in underground caves, saw bats, swam in a freezing cold freshwater stream, had a little picnic, took more than a hikes in the forest, saw a river dam, chilled on a pier at a lake, got lost while off-roading, almost got my car stuck in mud twenty miles away from civilization, explored an abandoned fort, got terrorized by a loving puppy in the middle of nowhere, drove for hours along the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, and sang lots of songs off-key. Last night we watched a few episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and ate some yummy pasta that Juliet made.

I'm exhausted and ready to get back to work tomorrow. Long drives give me so many ideas for my computer projects.

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